Awesome Portable Solution to Purify Your Water On the Go

Berkey Portable Water Purification

This is one of the coolest products that I have reviewed so far. Most everyone has heard of a lifesaver bottle or a portable water purification bottle. Most have not heard of a stealth life saver bottle. This particular product looks just like a regular run-of-the-mill sport water bottle to help deter thieves. In a survival situation or a disaster, water purification systems will become rather popular, very quickly as you can imagine. Read the rest of the article below.

Awesome Portable Solution to Purify Your Water On the Go

The Sport Berkey Water Purification Bottle will eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria and chemicals that are found in water. You could literally dip water out of a ditch and sip clean water from the filter. This lifesaver bottle has a shelf life of 15 years unused. The filter also removes bad tastes and odors that usually accompany filtered water from other comparable products. You can get nearly 640 cycles from one filter from a municipal water source and 160 cycles from a questionable water source. 640 cycles gets you about 380 liters and 160 cycles is around 96 liters. Suggested water consumption for women is 2 liters per day and men nearly 3 liters per day. So if you’re drinking water from a ditch you can expect the bottle to last around a month. If for some reason you ever use this emergency device that many times, you can buy replacement filters and continue using the original bottle.

It’s also great to be used as a travel companion to foreign countries so you can be sure to drink water safely without the worry of getting sick from bacteria. Backpackers and hikers enjoy packing up the bottle for long hikes and camping trips to eliminate the need for carrying tons of water along.

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