BACKPACKER’S PANTRY Pad Thai Vegetarian entree. Fortified with a natural multivitamin supplement. Makes two 13-ounce servings. 490 calories. Weighs 8.1 ounces. Thai seasoning over rice noodles with vegetables and roasted peanuts. Just add boiling water to the stand-up pouch for a delicious hot meal that’s ready in minutes. Price:

Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese

Mountain House Macaroni and Cheese California Prop 65 WARNING: Many cans containing foods and beverages have epoxy linings used to avoid microbial contamination and extend shelf life. Lids on jar and caps on bottle may also have epoxy linings. Some of these linings can leach small amounts of Bisphenol A (BPA) into the food or […]

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Have a chance to win a free sample of Wise Emergency Food Supply! You may be sent a sample of different types of flavors that Wise Food Storage currently makes. We provide instant winners and if you win, you will be redirected to their form to claim your free food supply. Entry-Form Terms and Conditions: […]