Emergency Solar Fire Starter

Get This Amazing Optic Fire Starter 100% FREE! Burns incredibly hot- ignites tinder almost instantly Can start a fire in 60 seconds flat Compact: Credit card size fits easily into wallets Never runs out of fuel (except at night) Doesn’t get hurt if it gets wet Doubles as a magnifying glass to read small print […]

Free 12×8 Shed Plan

We were provided a free PDF by MyShedPlans in making your own 12×8 shed. It has all of the directions, illustrations, and blueprints. Click Here To Download The Free 12×8 Shed Plan

The HyBeam Tactical Flashlight

Get This Amazing HyBeam 100% FREE! Ultra light and ultra tough Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum Authentic CREE bulb that produces a blindingly bright light Features a 3 stage switch with High, Low, and Strobe Beveled edge so that it can double as a defense tool BONUS #1 Get my new book Ultimate Survival Skills […]

Paracord Grenade

FireKable Paracord Bracelet

Get This Amazing FireKable 100% FREE! Has it all: Contains the ferro rod and striker tucked neatly into the bracelet fits discretely on your wrist… Strikes hot, burns hot: Ferro rod strikes at over 3,000 degrees: hot enough to set just about any tinder alight… Ultra Durable: Paracord is rot and mildew resistant and heavy […]

RFID Blocker

RFID PROTECTION FOR NEW “CHIPPED” CARDS Protects you from electronic pick-pocketing and identity theft Defends your personal data by blocking RFID scanners Fits in any wallet without adding extra bulk WARNING! Personal information on new EMV-Chipped credit or debit card can still be stolen! Unfortunately these new cards don’t prevent identify thieves from invisibly scanning […]

Free Survival Playing Cards

The Everstryke Pro – New Emergency Waterproof Firestarter

This Free Everstrkye Pro Will Always be Ready to Start a Fire Even After Being SOAKED in Water Improved design: The all new Everstryke Pro has been completely redesigned, with new features like a replaceable flint, the wick last 10x longer and is even replaceable! Has it all: This is a simple self contained fire […]

Everstryke Match

This Free Everstrkye Match Will Always be Ready to Start a Fire Even After Being SOAKED in Water Has it all: Contains the ferro rod and wick in one all-inclusive fire starting kit that fits conveniently in your pocket. Strikes hot, burns hot: Ferro rod strikes at over 3,000 degrees and flame burns at over […]

Patriotic Paracord Bracelet

The Patriot Bracelet Could Save Your Life 10 feet of 550 lb strength paracord, if unraveled Over a hundred survival uses; video & PDF included Bracelet is 8.5 inches long, when buckle is clipped Fits most men & women wrists Or attach to backpack, keychain, etc Built-in Safety Whistle For every free bracelet ordered, a […]

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Emergency Survival Blanket

Get your Emergency Survival Blanket today! Also known as “space blankets,” they were originally designed by NASA for space exploration. Emergency Survival Blankets help retain 90% of body heat and are great for go-bags, in your car, or any type of outdoor activity. Product Details… WHEN CLOSED: blanket measures 3.5 x 4.5 inches (fits in […]

Credit Card Knife

Get This Amazing InstaBlade 100% FREE! Ultra Slim – Folds to the size of a credit card, 2 mm THIN! (The same size as your standard credit card and 1/10th the thickness of your standard utility knife!) Quick and Simple Conversion – In just seconds, this tool transforms from an unassuming card in your wallet […]

Survival Business Card

Get This Survival Business Card 100% FREE! Has it all: Eleven useful functions in one tiny tool that fits in your wallet. 11 tools in one! Durable: Stainless Steel construction Compact: Credit card size fits easily into wallets Perfect For Emergency Use: Always have important tools with you Easy To Use: Easy to follow diagram […]

The EDT Tool – Your Every Day Mini Multi-Tool

Get This EDT Mini Multi Tool 100% FREE! The EDT Mini-Tool has the tools you need in one convenient, pocket sized product A mini “multi-plier” that instantly folds out and multiplies the strength in your hands so you never need to struggle to tighten something or snip a wire again. Super sharp “surgical blade” so […]

Emergency Vehicle Escape Tool

Get This Amazing Evac3 100% FREE! How It Works: Pull the blade guard away from the tool to expose the razor sharp belt cutter Pull the blade diagonally across a jammed seat belt with the steel blade to quickly and easily cut yourself free Break the Glass by pressing the black head of the tool […]

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