Basic Two Person Blizzard and Ice Storm Kit Each year, blizzards and ice storms wreak havoc upon the East Coast of the United States, although they can happen anywhere where cold conditions are present. Blizzards and ice storms are both capable of knocking out power and severing other utilities, potentially making for a freezing cold […]

Power Failure

Basic Two Person Power Failure Kit There are many reasons why power failures occur like clockwork each year – blizzards, ice storms, human error, and an overloaded grid. Whether its brownouts due to heat or full-on blackouts due to ice, each year the aging and feeble American power grid leaves millions of people without power […]

Survival Starter

Basic Two Person Starter Kit Of Survial Essentials Let’s face it – every disaster or emergency situation, whether natural or manmade is going to be different. From earthquakes to forest fires, from floods to ice storms, the items and gear you’ll need to survive are very diverse, mainly dependent on the nature of the disaster. […]

Car Survival

Basic Car Kit Many of us have a substantial commute daily – sometimes one that can take us dozens of miles away from home. You just might face the next major natural or manmade disaster behind the wheel of your car, and if so, you should have some basic supplies on hand in order to […]


Basic Two Person Tornado / Hurricane Kit Do you live in an area that’s prone to tornadoes or Hurricanes? Among all other land based disasters, tornadoes and hurricanes have the potential to cause some of the most serious damage. Tornadoes can strike with little to no warning, at any time of the day (or night) […]

Bug In

Basic Two Person Bug In Kit Most of the time, the best course of action during a disaster situation is simply to bug in, or remain inside your home. Your home, assuming it is undamaged, provides the best chance for your survival, mainly because you are already surviving in your home! We’ve prepared a great […]


Basic Two Person Earthquake Kit If you live in earthquake country, you need to be prepared for the worst. Keep in mind that earthquakes aren’t just limited to the West Coast – the New Madrid fault line, for example, goes right through Appalachia. Earthquakes are devastating to the local infrastructure, and most severe earthquakes will […]

Bug Out

Basic Bug Out Kit Sometimes, the only way to survive a disaster is to get as far away from it as possible. In many cases, the amount of notice you might get that you have to head for the hills – i.e. bug out – will be minimal. In this case, it’s vitally important to […]

Water Crisis

Basic Two Person Water Crisis Kit Each year throughout the United States, water contamination events happen like clockwork. Whether it’s manmade contamination (chemical spill, sewage accident) or natural contamination (flooding, algal blooms), the result is devastating – days or even weeks without access to clean, potable water. We’ve prepared a kit that will help you […]

Food Crisis

Basic Six Month Food Stockpile A great way to stockpile food is to simply buy more of the foods you already eat whenever you go shopping. This method takes a little bit of time, however, and the foods you pick aren’t always perfectly adapted to long term storage. How would you like a turn-key food […]


Basic Two Person Pandemic Kit Pandemics can occur anytime, any place. Usually, they involve a highly contagious virus that’s transmitted from person to person via close airborne contact – these are viruses like bird and swine flu, to name but a few. You need to adequately prepare for a pandemic by stocking up before had. […]