Charge Cell Phone with Any Battery


Parts List

Mediabridge High Output Dual USB Car Charger
Roadpro 12V Battery Clip-On and Cigarette Lighter Adapter

While you may not find yourselves in this situation much, it’s always nice to have a way to power your small electronic devices such as walkie talkies, cell phones or even USB devices. By purchasing a couple of items on Amazon, I was able to put together a cheap setup that would serve me well in the event the power goes out.

First I purchased the Roadpro 12V Battery Clip-On and Cigarette Lighter Adapter. Basically it’s just a set of alligator clips with leads to a cigarette lighter adapter. It runs about 5 dollars on with free shipping. I decided to go that route so it could clip onto old car batteries or deep cycle batteries. You can also use small neodymium magnets to connect these metal clips onto smaller rechargeable batteries.

The next item is the Mediabridge High Output Dual USB Car Charger. I did a lot of research on which USB car charger to purchase. This particular one runs around 12 dollars on with free shipping as well. It has two USB ports for 1.0 amp draw and the other is 2.1 amp draw. The charger has a built-in charge controller to minimize amp draw when the battery is full to protect your device.

Simply plug in the USB charger to the female cigarette lighter port on the battery clip and now you have an easy way to charge your cell phone and other small electronic devices for under 20 dollars. This will work with any 12v battery source. Check out the video below for a short demo on how it works.

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