Multiple Uses of Space Blankets


If you’ve run a marathon or any type of road race, people are always huddled up in their reflective space blankets. Obviously they’re not a traditional blanket, but they do reflect radiant energy. They are made of aluminum-coated mylar plastic, usually in silver and bronze in color and can reflect up to 80% of your body heat.

Packing up a space blanket in your bug out bag can prove to be beneficial in several ways. You can use it to reflect the heat from a fire toward you or deflect the sun’s rays away from you. Wrapping the blanket around the core part of your body in a cold environment is the easiest way to maintain your body temperature. Over time however, space blankets can trap vapors since they do not breath which could cause soaking of your clothing expediting hypothermia – so be careful to make sure you air things out occasionally. Generally speaking, in nearly all climates a space blanket can help regulate your body temperature when used properly.

Another practical use for a space blanket is for a signaling device. It’s reflective properties are an eye-catcher for rescuers. Shake the blanket as if you’re shaking dust from a dirty rug, this way it creates movement and contrast. Purchase a blanket with a bronze side so it can be visible on snow or on a body of water where typically a silver may blend in more.

While they can be noisy in wind, it’s well worth the noise inconvenience to have something compact, lightweight and durable in your bug out bag that could end up saving your life.

I purchased this blanket and it works quite well: Emergency Survival Blanket

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