PEAK Gear Money Belt with RFID Block, 2x Global Recovery Tags, Undercover Hidden Travel Wallet and Waist Stash – Black

PEAK Gear Money Belt with RFID Block, 2x Global Recovery Tags, Undercover Hidden Travel Wallet and Waist Stash – Black

PEAK Gear Money Belt with RFID Block, 2x Global Recovery Tags, Undercover Hidden Travel Wallet and Waist Stash - Black

  • THE WORLD’S MOST COMFORTABLE MONEY BELT – Read the reviews. Traveling with this money is very easy. PEAK’s unique ComfortSoftTM strap adjusts to fit your waist perfectly and is extra soft for all-day comfort. Our moisture-wick backing will keep the belt cool against your skin, especially useful for longer travel and in warm climates. Two compartments and right-sized pockets are roomy enough to fit multiple US Passports and keep credits cards, money and other documents organized.
  • THIS MONEY BELT WILL NOT BREAK – Don’t buy a cheap money belt and risk getting stuck while travelling. PEAK is the only money belt to offer YKK Zippers (the highest quality zippers), 210D water-resistant nylon, premium stitching and a double-release safety buckle. We did not skimp on materials so you’ll never have to worry about reliability.
  • NO NEED TO MESS WITH SEPARATE RFID SLEEVES – Protect yourselves from electronic pickpockets who use scanning devices to steal your identity from the data chips in your cards and passports. PEAK’s RFID Block Protection is built right into the fabric of the money belt. Anything you put in the belt will be protected against electronic theft. RFID sleeves do look fancy, but why worry about fussing with one more thing while traveling.
  • **BONUS** INCLUDES THEFT PROTECTION AND LOSS RECOVERY – Only PEAK offers a 0 Theft Protection to reimburse you if your items are stolen. We’ve also partnered with ReturnMe, the world’s largest lost & found company, to give you 2 Global Recovery Tags. Stick on your phone, passport, camera, etc. and ReturnMe will help recover these items from anywhere in the world. Since 2007, 80% of items protected by ReturnMe are returned within 24 hours. With PEAK your travel will be worry free.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – You will be satisfied with this product. Just read our reviews. From our excellent customer service to our commitment to providing quality products, you are in good hands. PEAK products are designed and tested by avid US travelers who understand the need for the best quality and reliability. The only thing we don’t guarantee is this special pricing – Buy your money belt today and don’t be disappointed.

There are 100’s of money belts on Amazon. Here’s why PEAK is best:

0 THEFT PROTECTION. Only from PEAK. Guaranteed to stay safe, or we pay you!

MATERIAL. Ours is made of durable 210D water resistant rip-stop nylon, not lower grade 70D nylon or cheaper polyester fabric.

SOFTEST STRAPS ON THE MARKET. Our ComfortSoft(tm) strap stays comfortable against skin, even when worn for hours. It won’t irritate your skin like the rigid, uncomfortable straps in competing belts.

ZIPPER AND BUCKLE. We use only genuine YKK zippers and a premium buckle that won’t accidentally release. Others use generic components to save on cost.

RFID BLOCK. You don’t need separate sleeves for your credit cards and passports when you have RFID block built into the money belt itself.

POCKET SIZE. Our money belts are designed to fit US-sized passports without becoming bulky. The main compartment has dividers to keep credit cards and cash neatly organized and within reach.

COMFORT BACKING.Our moisture-wick backing stays cool and dry against your skin. Compare to the mesh backing of others.

Provided by ReturnMe the world’s largest lost and found company. You’ll receive 2 free tags ( value) that can attached to any personal item such as phones, laptops, and passports. ReturnMe will provide lifetime service to PEAK customers allowing the finder to contact them 24/7 from anywhere in the world. ReturnMe coordinates the return of your belongings on your behalf so your personal information remains confidential. Over 80% of lost items with ReturnMe tags get returned.

PEAK MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE PEAK is the best money belt you can buy. If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply return it for a full refund.

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Price: $ 16.97