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3 Things You Need to Know About Water Barrels


Water storage containers vary in their size, color, shape, versatility and quality. We have specifically chosen our 15, 30, 55, and 160 gallon water barrels based on several criteria. These criteria include the following: Size. It is recommended by … [Read more...]

Survive Water Crisis

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7 Natural Toothache Remedies

Toothaches have a way of striking at the most inconvenient times, and can seriously hamper your ability to perform everyday activities. If your area is hit with a disaster, it might not be possible to get to the dentist right away. Here are some home … [Read more...]

How to Identify Venomous Snakes in the Wild or at Home


A crucial part of preparing for any emergency is developing your prepper skills. This includes expanding your knowledge of the wild. North America is home to thousands of snakes that hide under bushes near your campsite, sit at the edge of hiking … [Read more...]

Make and Practice a Fire Escape Plan


So, obviously, the whole point of National Fire Prevention Week is to keep dangerous fires from starting in the first place. But sometimes, for all our good efforts, things go wrong. In addition to knowing effective practices for fire prevention, we … [Read more...]

How Many Calories Do I Need?


If you’re using your emergency food stores to get through a weekend power-outage, you don’t need to pay too much attention to nutrition. However, if you’re planning for long-term food shortage, it makes sense to understand what nutrition you need … [Read more...]

Risk of terrorism to nation’s food supply

Terrorist attacks typically are thought of as coming in the form of high explosives or poisonous chemicals aimed at persons and symbols of power – military and government facilities, economic centerpieces. But what if the targets were ranchers … [Read more...]

Butter Powder Tip


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The Yellowstone Super Volcano–Are you Prepared?

Yellowstone Volcano More than Twice as Big as Expected A sleeping giant lies gently snoring in the northwestern quadrant of the United States—the Yellowstone Super Volcano. Researchers from the University of Utah recently determined its magma … [Read more...]

Burnfree Pain Relieving Gel


When I was fourteen-years-old, my great-uncle experienced a third degree oil burn while frying fish for our family dinner. My grandmother and I, who were the only ones home, had no idea what to do and my uncle refused to go to a hospital. Growing up … [Read more...]

Amazing Gluten-The Quick-Change Artist of Wheat


What exactly is gluten? Gluten is the protein part of the wheat kernel. It can be separated from the starchy part of the grain and used in many ways to replace meat. For vegetarians and those wanting to lower cholesterol, this is good news! It can be … [Read more...]

12 Dos and Don’ts of Food Storage


When an emergency strikes, you’re often left to your own skills and preparation to provide for you and your family. Food is one of the major necessities of life that you want to have on hand when an emergency hits, whether a natural disaster, an … [Read more...]

Savannah Calls 9-1-1


You may remember our guest post from earlier this year about teaching young children how and when to call 9-1-1 (“Who They Gonna Call”). In the original article, found on, the authors emphasize making sure your little people know … [Read more...]

Family Survival System

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Preparing by Developing Your Skills


By learning some basic and needful skills, you can become your own best resource in an emergency situation. Keep in mind that not all emergencies are major natural disasters. Smaller but significant personal difficulties such as job loss, greatly … [Read more...]

Arla Foods and the Cartoon Crisis Analysis


The case first begins with tens of thousands of Muslims protesting against cartoon characters of Muhammad that was published in a Danish newspaper (Lane, Maznevski, Distefano, & Dietz, 2009). I have learned from my own personal experience that there … [Read more...]

Cheese Making 101: A Basic Guide


Whether you’re a cheese connoisseur or just like to throw it in with your lasagna, homemade cheese will give you a delicious (not to mention inexpensive!) blend of flavors—exactly the way you want. And believe it or not, making your own homemade … [Read more...]

Potassium Iodide: What it is and How to Use It


The following basic information is provided by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Visit their site for more information, including possible side effects, allergies, special needs, and any restrictions. What is Potassium … [Read more...]

10 Aquaponic Systems for Unlimited Food


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The REAL Signs of Drowning


“Help! Help, I’m drowning!” That’s what most of us expect from a drowning person, along with splashing and waving arms. These are signs of “aquatic distress,” in which the person recognizes that they are in danger—but they are not yet drowning. … [Read more...]

Disarm? You First, Hillary!

By John Farnam Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Defense Training International, IncFt Collins, CO –-( From a friend in the UK:“Here in the UK, our people, forcibly disarmed for years, are confused and afraid with regard to … [Read more...]

Free Condoms – What Could Go Wrong?

By David Limbaugh Free Condoms – What Could Go Wrong? David LimbaughUSA – -( Remember when the left passionately insisted that public schools distribute free condoms to students on the bizarre theory that they were going to … [Read more...]

Staying Warm in the Outdoors


Few discomforts are more annoying and potentially dangerous than being cold. The body loses heat through four different means: evaporation of moisture at or near the skin, conduction, convection and radiation. Evaporation: Moisture is lost through … [Read more...]

Stephanie Soechtig – A Practiced Storyteller

Stephanie Soechtig AmmoLand Gun NewsUSA –  -( It has been several weeks since revelations that Katie Couric committed journalism malpractice by intentionally editing her “documentary” film Under the Gun to falsely portray gun … [Read more...]

Officers waited for SWAT at Orlando Pulse Shooting

Early response outside the Pulse from Cell Phone VideoBy Dean Weingarten Dean WeingartenArizona – -( Details are emerging about the Orlando Pulse Massacre.  It is clear that some of the first impressions were false.First, there … [Read more...]

Anti-Gun Left Is Milking The Orlando Tragedy for All It’s Worth

By Don McDougall Anti-Gun Left Is Milking The Orlando Tragedy for All It’s Worth Don McDougallFairfax, VA -( If you look all the new gun ban laws, the anti-gun Democrats are proposing and applied them universally back, say ten … [Read more...]

Join Vets & Military Members in Support of the Second Amendment

Veterans of the United States organized a petition in support of the individual right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Into the fray Fighting on HorsebackUSA – … [Read more...]

Tips for the First Time Shooter

By Judy Ragsdale, a director at Elite Arms Training Tips for First Time Shooters Elite Arms TrainingUSA –-( Heading to the gun range for the first time can be exciting, intimidating, and even anxiety inducing.It’s important to … [Read more...]

Iceland Proves You Don’t Need a Politician or Businessman as President

By Alex Pietrowski With admiration, many have been observing Iceland’s handling of the banking crisis that jolted the entire world in recent years. Now experiencing a... … [Read more...]

Olympian Thrasher Earns National Title Along with Christenson and Markowski

Olympian Thrasher Earns National Title Along with Christenson and Markowski USA ShootingUSA –-( Proving once again that 2016 is the year of Ginny, the Rio-bound Ginny Thrasher backed up her Olympic spot by claiming a national … [Read more...]

Setting Preparedness Goals


“Getting Prepared” is a worthy goal in and of itself, but can be a little bit nebulous. How do you know when you’re done? Do you have a way to be sure you covered all your bases? There’s one easy way to be sure you get everything done that you need … [Read more...]

Easy, Affordable DIY Solar Oven

Not only is solar cooking a great way to save money. It also doubles as a great survival skill. That’s why learning how to create your own solar oven is a perfect way to prepare for the worst, while saving money at the same time. Click here … [Read more...]

What to do if you get Caught by a Gator or Croc


Two of nature’s most skillful predators are the alligator and crocodile. Why? Crocodiles and alligators will eat just about anything if given the chance, and they have all the predatory characteristics needed to make it happen. These intelligent, … [Read more...]

Affirmative Action – The Fraud Goes On

By Thomas Sowell Affirmative Action – The Fraud Goes On Thomas SowellUSA –  -( Last week the Supreme Court of the United States voted that President Obama exceeded his authority when he granted exemptions from the … [Read more...]

OSS Video of US Govt. Agency Torture Test – Part 2

Operators Suppressor Systems (OSS) Operators Suppressor Systems (OSS)Murray, UT -( Operators Suppressor Systems (OSS) announced the results and a video of recent testing by a US Government agency that compared an OSS Flow-Through … [Read more...]

Two Court Decisions Further Destroy Fourth Amendment Protections

By Derrick Broze Two recent decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court and a federal court in Virginia continue the erosion of Fourth Amendment protections from... … [Read more...]

Mother Shoots Home Intruder, Portland, Oregon

KGW, Portland, Ore. 06/27/16 Gun Save LivesUSA –  -( Somewhere, everyday in the USA, 2100+ people use a gun for self defense, to stop a crime or save the lives of themselves or their family.“We believe that the American … [Read more...]

Hurricane Preparedness Mini-Series – Part One


Summer hurricane season is here, and as long as a storm isn’t right on your doorstep, there’s still time to prepare. These five installments about hurricane preparedness will remind you of ways to stay safe and secure before, during, and after one of … [Read more...]

American Medical Association, Ethics & Gun Control (Part I)

[Ed:  Dr. Faria originally published this two part article at on May 3, 2001.  We felt it well worth reprinting.  The story is 15 years old, but the plot is the same in 2016, only more so, with the AMA’s recent decision to increase its … [Read more...]

Keith Hunts For A Giant Bull Elk In New Mexico ~ This Week On The High Road

The High Road with Keith WarrenNew Braunfels, TX -( On this episode of The High Road with Keith Warren, Keith returns to New Mexico’s famous Quinlan Ranch for another elk hunt. Last year Keith took an elk with a bow on the last day of … [Read more...]

Cabela’s SportingDog Adventures Gears Up for Season 6

SportingDog Adventures SportingDog AdventuresDelavan -( Jeff Fuller and the Labradors of Soggy Acres Retrievers are back in action on for Season 6 of SportingDog Adventures starting this July!Starting the June 29, viewers can get their … [Read more...]

Magnum Research Announces Staff Promotions

Jim Tertin Magnum ResearchPillager, MN -( Magnum Research (MRI) is proud to announce a shift in roles at the MRI plant in Pillager, Minnesota with Jim Tertin and Joby Goerges taking on new positions.Jim Tertin, former Director of … [Read more...]

Youth Realtree MAX-5 Camo Waders by Gator Waders

Youth Realtree MAX-5 Camo Waders by Gator Waders RealTreeColumbus, GA -( Youth MAX-5 Camo Waders by Gator Waders ensure your youth gets the most out of his or her outdoor experience.Available in Realtree MAX-5 camo, these youth waders … [Read more...]

Covert Scouting Cameras MP8 Black in Realtree Xtra

Covert Scouting Cameras MP8 Black in Realtree Xtra RealTreeColumbus, GA -( This Realtree camo game camera gives you a lot of bang for your buck.The MP8 Black, available in Realtree Xtra, boasts 40 invisible flash LEDs and 8MP … [Read more...]

Anti Rights Democrat’s Warm-Up Act

Art by A.F. Branco Anti Rights Democrat’s Warm-Up Act : Democrat House Sit-in to protest the 2nd amendment and try to force more gun control legislation that won’t stop the terrorists. AmmoLand Gun NewsUSA –-( Anti Rights … [Read more...]

Daniel Defense Releases Benchmark-Setting .308 Hunting Rifle

New Daniel Defense Ambush .308 – Built for Big Game Daniel Defense Ambush .308 Hunting Rifle in Kryptek Highlander Daniel DefenseBlack Creek, GA -( Daniel Defense, engineer and manufacturer of the world’s finest firearms and … [Read more...]

A Shrugging Atlas? – Russia Rising

By John Farnam Obama Foreign Policy Fucked by Russia IMG: zoomar Defense Training International, IncFt Collins, CO –-( “Our great democracies still think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever one, and our … [Read more...]

A Quick Look Inside a Survival Pantry

By Derrick Broze Activist Post reporter Derrick Broze gives us a tour of his grandmother’s survival pantry. The pantry should include a back-up supply of... … [Read more...]

Outdoor Sportsman Group – Networks Bring in Summer with New Premieres for Q3 Lineup

Duck Dynasty Outdoor Sportsman Group – NetworksDenver, CO -( Summer means new, original sizzling, outdoor adventure and lifestyle series, Friday night movies, fishing galore and fall hunting season prep on Outdoor Sportsman Group … [Read more...]

America’s Drill Instructor Returns for Season Two of “GunnyTime With R. Lee Ermey”

LISTEN UP, SWEETHEART! America’s Drill Instructor Returns for Season Two of “GunnyTime With R. Lee Ermey” on Outdoor Channel Outdoor Channel TVLos Angeles, CA & Denver, CO -( He’s an 11-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. He’s … [Read more...]

Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced with Threaded Barrel ~ Review

Review: Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced with Threaded Barrel By John Crump Remington Model 1911 R1 with Enhanced Threaded Barrel AmmoLand Gun NewsUnited States -( John Browning invented the 1911 over 100 years ago for the US Army. Through … [Read more...]

A Visit with Dawn Jackson – This Week on Gateway Outdoors Radio

Glacier National Park Gateway Outdoors RadioPennsylvania -( The city of Kalispell and Glacier National Park are located in the northwestern portion of Montana and provides the ideal setting to begin a western adventure.This week Gateway … [Read more...]

Organized Medicine’s Answer To The Orlando Mass Murder: Deception & Control

Blames the NRA Doctors for Responsible Gun OwnershipUSA –  -(  Another “mass shooting” in America! That is what politically correct media and politicians are saying.They don’t want to admit that a terrorist attack is much more … [Read more...]

First Aid Basics for Wilderness Survival

Learn some first aid basics from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast. … [Read more...]

DNREC’s Sportsmen Against Hunger Program Distributes More Than 16,000 Pounds of Meat

DNREC’s Sportsmen Against Hunger Program Distributes More Than 16,000 Pounds of Venison to Delawareans in Need Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC)Dover, DE -( During the 2015/16 deer season, … [Read more...]

Health Alert Remains in Effect at Harlan County Reservoir

Avoid full body contact activities such as swimming, wading, skiing, jet skiing, etc. Non-contact activities such as boating, fishing and camping are OK. Nebraska Games and Parks CommissionLINCOLN –-( A health advisory remains in effect … [Read more...]

Quail Forever & Illinois DNR Partner for Bobwhite Habitat, Greater Public Access

Quail Forever & Illinois DNR Partner for Bobwhite Habitat, Greater Public Access Quail ForeverSpringfield, Ill. –-( Quail Forever and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR) have entered into a partnership agreement to … [Read more...]

New Season of Wingshooting USA Debuts This Weekend

Variety of dogs, locations marks debut episode of Wingshooting USA Wingshooting USA’s Scott Linden Scott Linden’s Wingshooting USAUSA -( A new season of the TV series Wingshooting USA debuts this weekend on Discovery … [Read more...]

Center of the West Receives Rare Texas Model Colt Paterson Revolver from Denny LeVett

While Winchester coined the expression the “Gun That Won the West,” most aficionados of American firearm history consider Samuel Colt’s invention the “Handgun that Won the West.” Certainly, western historians and enthusiasts are more than familiar … [Read more...]

New Jersey: Anti-Gun Politicians Going for the Knockout Punch

New Jersey NRA – Institute for Legislative ActionFairfax, VA -( New Jersey already has some of the most strict gun laws in the country, and anti-gun politicians are once again proving that they will never be satisfied until they … [Read more...]