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Food and Water in an Emergency

If an earthquake, hurricane, winter storm, or other disaster strikes your community, you might not have access to food, water, and electricity for days or even weeks. By taking some time now to store emergency food and water supplies, you can provide … [Read more...]

Bug out get home 72 hour emergency 3 day urban wilderness survival edc bag kit

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The Complete Guide To Self Defense For Woman


Your biggest problem as a woman is not that you may be smaller or weaker than a typical sociopathic criminal. Your biggest obstacle is that you assume a set of potentially life-threatening beliefs about what to do in dangerous situations. You've … [Read more...]

First Aid for Dental Emergencies


Dental emergencies seem to happen at the least-convenient times—when you’re camping, in the middle of your family vacation, on holidays, or during nasty weather. Fillings loosen, teeth get broken or knocked out, and crowns come off when you least … [Read more...]

Adventures in Solar Cooking Part 1


You may have noticed in this month's catalog a new product: The SOS Sport Solar Oven. We are all really excited about this product over here and can't wait to try it out. So stay tuned this week as we post about all of the tasty things we will make … [Read more...]

Review: A TFB Exclusive, The New CMMG MK47 K Mutant Pistol

A while back Alex C. and I reviewed the CMMG Mutant rifle for TFB. We were rather impressed with what CMMG was able to achieve that the second that we heard about the CMMG Mutant pistol I jumped at the chance to review it. After getting word back to … [Read more...]

Practicing Your Family Evacuation Plan


We’ve all heard the saying, “practice makes perfect.” If you want to get better at fishing, playing the violin, knitting, or emergency preparedness . . . you need to practice. If you have a Family Evacuation and Emergency Plan, you’re ahead of the … [Read more...]

The S805 Pistol Is Here; MAC Takes A Look

The S805 Bren pistol from CZ, the company’s next-generation modular follow-on to the often-mistaken-for-an-AK Vz. 58 has finally reached American storefronts. We’ll talk about the rifle itself in a minute, but first Tim of the Military … [Read more...]

Gun Production Up 140 Percent

There’s finally numbers to back up the old “Obama is the best gun salesmen” sayings. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) stated that gun production has increased 140% during the Obama presidency based on … [Read more...]

3D Printed Ruger 10/22

3D Printing has come a long way in a short amount of time, it went from crude AR receivers to full SIG P250 frames. A while back we posted about a 3D printed Ruger 10/22 receiver video that made the rounds online, well PrintedFirearm posted a … [Read more...]

POTD: “Twenty Tuesdays”

Phillysteak527 from The Salted Earth (who manufacture dry fire systems) sent us this photo and wrote … Our company has a tradition called “Twenty Tuesdays” where we all go to the range or desert together. We decided to test out some … [Read more...]

Aquaponic Gardening: What is it?


Photo Courtesy of Backyard Aquaponics What is Aquaponics and why should you incorporate it into your preparedness plans? Aquaponics is the practice of raising fish and vegetables together in a symbiotic relationship. In other words, it is the … [Read more...]

MPA Introduces “Retro” MPA M11 Pistol

Lovers of the MAC handgun system rejoice! MasterPiece Arms has announced the release of the MPA M11-9SA, a “throwback to more of a traditional MAC design.” The model number stems from the handgun itself. M11 refers to the frame, 9 for the … [Read more...]

Desperate Cashless Greeks Are Now BARTERING (And Americans Should Pay Attention)

Image source: Telegraph Residents of Greece are so strapped for cash that they have returned to a primitive barter economy. Farmers, workers and even corporations have begun bartering because of a shortage of cash reminiscent of the Great Depression … [Read more...]

Shelter from the Storm: How Much Would You Pay?


Image Source: Imagine a flood is headed your way. You and forty nine others, including family, friends, and neighbors, gather at a central location and pile into a bright orange submarine-like storm shelter. Once inside this “Storm, … [Read more...]

Finding Water in the Wild


Imagine being lost in the wild without any water. You’re dizzy, exhausted, and lightheaded—all signs of dehydration. You need water and you need it fast. Staying hydrated becomes even more important during a survival situation when you’re exerting … [Read more...]

Drinkable Water from Plant Condensation


Finding water in a survival situation is the highest priority and can sometimes prove to be rather difficult. You have to turn to your surroundings to find ways to produce water that is safe to drink even if it’s in small quantities. Water from plant … [Read more...]

Press Release: Strike Industries Triple Crown Comp

It isn’t a secret that I like Strike Industries products, when Phil told me they are releasing a new muzzle device for 5.56 rifles I asked him to forward the details to me. With a plethora of muzzle devices already on the market, this one … [Read more...]

Waterfall (The Water Crisis Chonicles Book 1)


**This is NOW A FULL NOVEL and BOOK ONE for The Water Crisis Chronicles and leads into the Award-Winning Waterproof.** The water is gone. The wars have begun. Clean water is a luxury most can no longer afford. Climate change, industrial sabotage, … [Read more...]

New LaserLyte Trainer

LaserLyte announced they are now selling a new in-barrel training laser that is an evolutionary step forward from the company’s existing LT line. The new laser, the LT-Premium, has three features/changes when compared to the existing laser. … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Building Your Food Storage


If you’re new to prepping, getting a long term food storage supply built up can seem to be an undertaking, but it isn’t really. Sometimes starting out small, then increasing over time will help make it much easier. Coming up with a system that will … [Read more...]

Federal HST in .380 ACP

Federal Premium is now shipping the new .380 ACP load in the HST line. This load uses the HST design bullet that has gained significant popularity in the law enforcement and personal protection markets. The cases are nickel plated and bullets weigh … [Read more...]

The Best Zero for Your Rifle is Maximum Hangtime?

Conventional wisdom for a modern sporting rifle is to set the zero either at 50/200 or 100 yards. This is especially common with standard military sights, which have built-in clocks for bullet drop at extended distances. However, with the advent of … [Read more...]

If it can be hacked, it can…

It seems that hacking into commercial technology is all the rage these days, including the ability to hack into Tracking Points digital scope that pretty much shoots a rifle for the shooter. In a piece by Wired, a hacker couple recorded how they got … [Read more...]

Inflatable Shelters May Help during Long-Term Emergencies


“In tough circumstances, sometimes all you need is hope. “…but other times you need a blow-up survival shelter featuring a bed, a couch, freeze-dried food, a 50-gallon water bladder, a first-aid kit, a radio and a cookstove.” According to … [Read more...]

USA 1SHOT Non-NFA Pistol Buttstock

USA 1SHOT released a new pistol ‘buttstock’ they’re calling the APS, Accurate Pistol System. It looks like a buttstock but USA 1SHOT is calling it an ‘adjustable dynamic pistol rest’ as it doesn’t actually mount to … [Read more...]

Preparing Picky Eaters for Emergencies

In our last post we recommended you keep a couple packs of regular playing cards on hand and learn the rules to some basic games in advance. We’ve found that a diversion helps pass time and soothe kids (even adults!) in an emergency, even if it’s … [Read more...]

The Katadyn Vario Details


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15 Awesome Pallet Houses & Shelters


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TFBTV: Hands-On Review of the Mossberg Blaze-47 AK-style .22 Rifle

In this episode of TFBTV, James performs a hands-on review of Mossberg’s new Blaze-47, AK-style .22 rifle.  Mossberg claims that the Blaze-47 “offers the look and feel of an AK-47 in the easy-handling affordable .22 LR platform” … [Read more...]

Kirsten Joy Weiss Shoots The Double Barrel 1911

Kirsten Joy Weiss is a competitive Olympic style rifle shooter. She managed to get her hands on the Arsenal double barrel 1911 and fire a couple of rounds. She says comments that the double barrel 1911 is akin to shooting a S&W 500. The post … [Read more...]

GY6 DP-12 Double Barrel Shotgun Video Review

GY6 got his hands on a DP-12 and does a full review in this video.   At the beginning of the video, he compares the DP-12 to the KSG.   GY6 runs across a couple of malfunctions and discovers a glaring issue where the DP-12 will not feed if … [Read more...]

Obama to Target Home Owners: Federal Government to Decide who Lives in Your Neighborhood

Earlier this month, the Obama administration issued new rules to the Fair Housing Act that will radically alter the way your neighborhood look and remove the authority of state and local governments in the areas of zoning, transportation and … [Read more...]

SIG 556 + SIG 556R + Galil Mags = SIGalil

Some people want something different. Some people don’t worry about the should I? and only care about the can I?. One of those people – who blogs by the name “The Hebrew Hammer” – created the SIGalil, the product of two … [Read more...]

POTD: Turn 21, Buy A Gun, Break It, Build A Better One

Rick sent us photos of his awesome 1911 build that has a long backstory. Rick wrote … This is what started as a Colt 1991A1 purchased the day I turned 21. It’s been my favorite gun among many. A couple years ago, the gun fell out of a … [Read more...]

Federal Premium Adds .380 Auto to Personal Defense HST Collection

Think you can’t find something good to feed that .380 micro pistol of yours? Think again. Federal Premium Ammunition just added .380 Auto to its collection of Personal Defense HST ammo. The .380 joins 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP in the HST … [Read more...]

Ultimate Preparedness Library


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New Tactical Thumbhole Rifle Stock From Hogue

If you own a 10/22 and you’re looking for tactically appealing aftermarket components, take a look at the latest offering from Hogue. New from Hogue is a tactical thumbhole rifle stock specifically designed for 10/22s. It’s manufactured … [Read more...]

Load 8 & Shoot 8 Shotgun Challenge

Keith Garcia posted this video on July 21. He is practicing with his Benelli M2 which has been modified by Taran Tactical. He loads 8 and shoots 8 shots in 4.92 secs. I just received a new Benelli M2 from Taran Butler at TTI. He did his quad load … [Read more...]

Guardian 72 Hour Survival Kit Product Review


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Suarez International Releases “Flat & Straight” Trigger for Glocks

Suarez International has released a flat trigger for the Glock handgun platform. While not the first flat trigger to the market (that honor belongs to Salient Arms), the trigger is a solid offering starting at $150 retail and includes models for … [Read more...]

Canadian Rangers, optional to keep Lee Enfields

In yet another saga of the Canadian Ranger rifle ordeal, a good twist has come out in a recent story by the Ottawa Citizen, in that the Rangers themselves might actually be able to hold on to their issued rifles, in a personal capacity though … [Read more...]

The SWAT Raid That Nearly Killed This Toddler Never Should Have Happened, And You Won’t Believe Why

Image source: The drug raid in which deputies blew a hole in a 2-year-old boy with a stun grenade was carried out with a warrant based on false information, a federal grand jury has concluded. The deputy that prepared the warrant that … [Read more...]

LANTAC Dragon Muzzle Brake Knock Offs

I was shopping on Amazon the other day when I noticed this muzzle brake that looked awfully familiar. Yeup, it’s a clone of the LANTAC Dragon muzzle brake. They even have the .308 version too. They could have at least taken better product … [Read more...]

How Accurate is Wolf Gold? VSO Tests

VSO (Vigilant Spectre Operations) gun channel tests Wolf Gold a common “cheap” ammo loading typically from Asia to M-193 specifications. To give viewers some perspective, they also test PMC Bronze (also loaded in Asia, typically South … [Read more...]

Canning Tips and Tricks


Now that you know some of the basics of canning, it’s time to get started. Deciding what to preserve and when are really important. Make a list and check when each item will come into season in your area. It is so much easier to spread your canning … [Read more...]

Checklist for Workplace Disaster Management- Preparing for the Possible

Employers, who want to establish a safe and healthy working environment, need to be aware of the many hazards posed to workers. Employee injuries or fatalities, even in extreme situations such as fire, severe weather or acts of workplace violence, … [Read more...]

Should I Join a Fiber CSA?


Before I tell you what a “Fiber CSA” is and before you find out and click off the page, I’m going to ask you to give me 125 words of leeway. That’s not even half a blog post. That’s half of a half of a blog post. Okay? Here goes: A Fiber CSA is … [Read more...]

CPR Guide

Adult CPR 1 Check the Scene - make sure it's safe 2 Check the Victim - tap and shout 3 Call for Help - Have someone call 9-1-1 If alone, Call 9-1-1, then do ABC's Airway- tilt head back, lift chin to open airway. Breathing - Take normal … [Read more...]

The South American Financial Crisis Of 2015

Most nations in South America are either already experiencing an economic recession or are right on the verge of one.  In general, South American economies are very heavily dependent on exports, and right now they are being absolutely shredded by the … [Read more...]

TFB Exclusive: Sven Jonsson of Manticore Arms

The Firearm Blog recently received a chance at an exclusive interview with Sven Jonsson, founder and owner of Manticore Arms, based in St. Charles, Illinois. Sven founded Manticore on innovative parts for the Steyr AUG and MSAR rifle platforms and … [Read more...]

Police Arrest Teen Gun-Firing Drone Maker

According to the Associated Free Press, the teenager who built the infamous “flying gun” video (that we even posted here about) has been arrested and released on a $20,000 bond. The arrest is on unrelated charges to the drone. Austin … [Read more...]

Preparedness Basics: How to Use a Dehydrator


Whether you’re using it for food storage, snacks, or camping, using a dehydrator to dry your own food can be a great money saver—plus you know your food was fresh before it was dehydrated! There are a lot of different variables to consider when … [Read more...]

Prepare, Persist & Survive (Disaster Survival Basics Book 1)


Prepare, Persist & Survive: Disaster Survival Basics is the first in the PPS series and it is perfect for the Beginning to Intermediate Prepper. I cover an extensive overview of how to prepare for a disaster, what goods and commodities need to be … [Read more...]

Six Reasons Why Modern Defensive Ammo Is Better Than Ever

Contrary to what your grandparents might tell you, the best things are not all behind us. Modern materials and machining have made current defensive ammunition superior in every way to what was available just a few years ago, and there are a number … [Read more...]

Jericho Now Shipping in US

IWI US announced that the steel frame Jericho 941 pistols announced in December are now shipping to US distributors. The new handguns are available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. The 9mm and .40 S&W pistols will be available in both a full size … [Read more...]

POTD: Springfield M1A, 50 Round Drum!

What is better than a M1A with a 20 round magazine? A M1A with a 50 round drum, of course. Paul writes … This is my beloved Springfield M1A. It wears a Vortex viper PST 1-4x which sits on a vltor casv rail all tied into a Boyd’s walnut … [Read more...]

Concealed Car Compartments

Conceal-Pro is an outfit in Georgia that modifies cars with hidden firearm storage.  You can find out more information on them via their Facebook page. I am curious if this compromises the front passenger airbag and if the drawer can open faster. The … [Read more...]

10 Easy-To-Grow Vegetables For A Fool-Proof Harvest

Image source: There is nothing like eating produce grown from your very own garden. If you are a beginner, however, or want to involve the children, you may want to have some guaranteed success. Look for some easy-to-grow vegetables. These … [Read more...]

Earth Will Only Have 12 Hours To Prepare For Massive Solar Storm

Read more ( … [Read more...]