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Survival Plants: Secrets to Eating Wild Plants When There is Nothing Else to Eat


Plants are valuable sources of food. They are widely available and easily found. But be careful, some plants are poisonous and can even kill you. You have to learn how to identify plants before you eat them. This guide shows you the secrets to … [Read more...]

Restore Old Car Batteries Using Alum


Want to learn how to restore your old car batteries with alum? To view all of the instructions to do so, please enter your name and e-mail address below: … [Read more...]

Datrex Water Pouches


We purchased a case of the Datrex Water Pouches with the intention of using them for camping trips. We keep them in the refrigerator so they are ready to go whenever we are ready for a trip. However, we have discovered so many more uses for them … [Read more...]

Preparing Dads for Disasters


“Everyone had one thing in common… they all love their kids and were all equally concerned about being prepared for future disaster.” That was the scenario in Ohio at a disaster preparedness training for fathers as put on by the U.S. Office of the … [Read more...]

Light During an Emergency


Light sources are important for any emergency preparedness plan. Children and individuals with special needs especially need light not just to see, but also to feel safe. Preparedness experts recommend having several emergency light sources … [Read more...]

Flood Preparation and Safety Tips


Floods cause more damage in the United States than any other weather-related event and can happen anywhere in any of the states or territories in any season. Floods happen fast; winter storms and snowmelts can cause mild to extreme flooding. Here are … [Read more...]

Survival Skills 101: The Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.).

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Survival Starter


Basic Two Person Starter Kit Of Survial Essentials Let’s face it – every disaster or emergency situation, whether natural or manmade is going to be different. From earthquakes to forest fires, from floods to ice storms, the items and gear you’ll … [Read more...]

Preparedness Pitfalls and Potholes


Beware of these common preparedness mistakes as you try to build up a good storage of food and water. iStock_000018251736XSmall As our journey continues, I just simply can't go on without warning you of some of the "pitfalls and potholes" of … [Read more...]

How to Prevent a Car Fire


While driving on the freeway a couple of months ago, traffic was at a standstill. Now, this was not your typical 5 p.m. commuter traffic...Drivers had slowed down to look at a car sitting on the side of the road with 5 foot flames raging from its … [Read more...]

Build a Raised-Bed Garden


Believe it or not, building a raised garden bed is pretty easy. As a quick intro, the benefits of using garden beds are: - You don’t have to pull rocks out of the ground (unless you need to create a flat area). Just build on top. - Raised garden … [Read more...]

Gas Shut Off Tool / Wrench Product Review


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Family Survival System

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Lessons Learned, Volume 1: Natalie Survived the Northeast Blackout of 2003


The Northeast Blackout of 2003 affected 45 million people, including my family. The blackout started on August 14. I was 13 at the time, with a 10-year old sister, 3-year old brother, and two older brothers who were 15 and 18. My younger sister had a … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned: Kirsten Survived a Four-Day Blackout


In the summer of 2005 Kirsten and her family experienced a four-day power outage caused by lightning striking the area transformer. Here’s what she had to say about it. My husband and I thought we were prepared for a "common disaster". We were … [Read more...]

My Shed Plans: 12,000 Shed Plans and Woodworking Designs


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Preparedness Tips: Portable Generators Need Maintenance?!


A portable generator is a pretty handy accessory to have in your emergency preparedness supplies. Imagine trying to save your refrigerated and frozen food from going bad when the power is knocked out during a hurricane or thunderstorm. If you have a … [Read more...]

Gardening: Square Foot Gardening – Learn to Grow Organic Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs with Minimal Space! Perfect for Gardening Beginners or Seasoned Veterans! … and Herbs with Minimal Space! Book 1)


The ULTIMATE SQUARE FOOT GARDENING GUIDE! Learn to Grow Organic Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs with Minimal Space! Perfect for Gardening Beginners or Seasoned Veterans! By #1 Best Selling Author, Joy Louis! Here Is A Sneak Peak…(Attn: FREE BONUS … [Read more...]

Burnfree Pain Relieving Gel


When I was fourteen-years-old, my great-uncle experienced a third degree oil burn while frying fish for our family dinner. My grandmother and I, who were the only ones home, had no idea what to do and my uncle refused to go to a hospital. Growing up … [Read more...]

Heirloom and Non-Hybrid Garden Seeds


We have encountered a lot of recent discussions about Heirloom and non-hybrid garden seeds. One of the most important characteristics of Heirloom seeds is that they are open-pollinating non-hybrid seeds. What does this mean, and why is this so … [Read more...]

Airsoft Peak


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If You’re New to Preparedness . . .


If you’re new to preparedness, the best piece of advice we can give you is this: You don’t have to do it all at once. This Preptember™ we want to help you start prepping one step at a time. There are six major areas that you should consider when … [Read more...]

Which Method of Storing is Best?

Many people want to know which method is the best for storing their food, and depending on whom you ask, you will probably get a different answer. Each method has different advantages and disadvantages, depending on what your priorities are when it … [Read more...]

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Statue Monument in Washington DC

Martin Luther King, Jr. understood how important it is for mankind to be a brotherhood and work together. I would like to take four principles from the following two quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. and apply them to emergency … [Read more...]

Food Crisis Survival Guide


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Serve and Preserve

Want to serve some of those great food storage recipes we’ve discussed, but worried about how to keep that food fresh longer? It’s time to discuss some great storage options! I know there are many of you out there who are hesitant about using your … [Read more...]

Preparing the Family Pet for an Emergency


Getting your family prepared for emergencies should be your first preparedness concern, but what about the family pet? Once you are sure that your family is prepared for any disaster that may occur in your area, turn to the task of preparing your … [Read more...]

From Dawn: Pet Preparedness


Pet Preparedness Most of us with pets consider them to be a part of our family. So it only makes sense to have plans to get them to safety and provide for their needs in an emergency. Food and Water At home I store extra water and food for my … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Walking Around Safely After a Flood


If you’re ever in an area affected by severe flooding, you may have to evacuate your home or walk to safety. If this is the case, there are 5 tips for walking around safely in a rural area that would be helpful to know. These tips come to us from … [Read more...]

Sour Cream Powder Tips

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The Home You Choose Could Make All the Difference


If you are buying a new home or thinking about moving, you probably have a list of wants and needs, such as the number of bedrooms, an updated kitchen, or a pool in the backyard. While these things can certainly make your home enjoyable and fit your … [Read more...]

Easy RV Meals

RVers face some challenges when it comes to food: vast, empty stretches without restaurants, late-night hauls when everyone is sleeping except the hungry driver, cold food, fast food, the frustration of cooking in a tight space and limited storage … [Read more...]

Hydroponics: Hydroponic Gardening: Growing Vegetables Without Soil (hydroponics, aquaculture, aquaponics, grow lights, hydrofarm, hydroponic systems, indoor garden)


Get Started With Hydroponic Gardening ***Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Download Now!*** What is Hydroponic Gardening? How is it possible to grow plants without soil? Can anyone do it? When you download Hydroponic Gardening: Growing … [Read more...]

Survival Tip: Making a Nonadherent Dressing


Hey there. Here's an interesting tip from Eric A. Weiss, MD. He wrote Wilderness and Travel Medicine, a comprehensive guide that fits in your pocket. It's also great for bug out bags and emergency kits. Here's the doctor's Weiss Advice on making a … [Read more...]

Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms: What’s the Difference?


Surprisingly, the terms “Smoke Detector” and “Fire Alarm” aren’t interchangeable. Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms actually have different functions and may be better suited for one environment over another. For example, a smoke detector may be better … [Read more...]

Mobile Washer (Hand Operated Washing Machine)


We would like to introduce the new Mobile Washer (Hand Operated Washing Machine). This is a very affordable item to include with your emergency and outdoor supplies. It is very easy to use and gets amazing results! The Mobile Washer uses a technique … [Read more...]

How to Teach Preparedness to Toddlers


After a year of teaching 3-4 year olds as a Sunday school teacher, I’ve learned it’s hard to get toddlers to sit down and focus for even just 5 minutes! This makes the task of teaching emergency preparedness skills . . . Um, how should I say it . . . … [Read more...]

Gamma Seal Lids


Food Grade buckets are a great method for food storage. They keep your food fresh, help you store in bulk, and can stack, making them more space-efficient. Here at Emergency Essentials®, we love food storage buckets. What could make these great … [Read more...]

City Chickens


As people become more interested in self-reliance and preservation, the urban farming movement continues to gain momentum. We’ve written about urban gardening and urban bee keeping as great ways to sustain your family and even generate some trade. … [Read more...]

Baby Steps: Preparing the Soil for your Garden

A gardener wearing a pair of bright green wellies digging over soil on an allotment vegetable patch.

Now that spring is in the air and the days are longer, I’m getting the itch to start working on my garden. Now is the perfect time to go over some garden preparation basics. The main reasons we grow gardens are to provide our families with healthy … [Read more...]

Home Power Experts


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Basic Two Person Pandemic Kit Pandemics can occur anytime, any place. Usually, they involve a highly contagious virus that’s transmitted from person to person via close airborne contact – these are viruses like bird and swine flu, to name but a … [Read more...]

A Surprising Cause of Heart Attacks I Never Would’ve Expected


Most of us struggle when it comes to turning our clocks forward in the spring for daylight savings. That one little hour seems like an eternity of sleep that we must suddenly give up. But being groggy the next day or two is not the biggest issue that … [Read more...]

Storage, Caches, and Hides


When the time comes for preparing all your supplies for storage, there are three basic ways to store them. This is something that all preppers really need to consider when preparing all their supplies and where to store them. The three ways … [Read more...]

Preparing the Elderly before Disaster Strikes

Many of our nation’s elderly live alone or with elderly spouses. Take time to reach out to the elderly in your life and help them make a working plan for a natural disaster before a storm strikes. Make a plan to create a network of several support … [Read more...]

Win a Free Sample of Wise’s Emergency Food Supply!

Win A Free Sample Of Wise Food Storage Emergency Food Supply

Have a chance to win a free sample of Wise Emergency Food Supply! You may be sent a sample of different types of flavors that Wise Food Storage currently makes. We provide instant winners and if you win, you will be redirected to their form to claim … [Read more...]

TEOTWAWKI: The End of the World as We Know it

TEOTWAWKI is an acronym that stands for “The End Of The World As We Know It”. It basically means life as we know it right now will change forever, but life will not end. While there are numerous scenarios that can change life as we know it … [Read more...]

Preparedness Basics: How to Use a Dehydrator


Whether you’re using it for food storage, snacks, or camping, using a dehydrator to dry your own food can be a great money saver—plus you know your food was fresh before it was dehydrated! There are a lot of different variables to consider when … [Read more...]

Preparedness Skills: Dehydrating Basics


Dehydrating has been one of my favorite ways to preserve food—especially foods meant for snacking. It’s an easy way to get the kids involved in storing food and they like being able to choose how we flavor some of their snacks. I love trying to … [Read more...]

Combating Rising Food Prices


Are Food Prices Rising? Every year the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) releases a report that details food prices and their predictions on whether food prices will rise or fall. Their predictions aren’t based on guesses … [Read more...]

Hydroponics: Hydroponics For Beginners: A Step by Step Guide to Master Hydroponics at Home (Hydroponics, Hydroponics for Beginners, Hydroponics guide, … Hydroponics for Dummies, Hydroponics food)


Learn step by step to grow hydroponics at home Today only, get this Amazon eBook for just .99. Regularly priced at .99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. Are you looking to build a hydroponics system for your garden? Are … [Read more...]

Baby Steps: Make Room for Your Food and Supply Storage


While you are updating your emergency kits during your spring cleaning, don’t forget to clear out some space to store your food and emergency supplies. But we know that's easier said than done . . . Have you ever felt like no matter what size home … [Read more...]

I Never Thought to Store That: Easily Overlooked Items You’ll be Glad You have on Hand


Many recognize the value of storing food and water for emergencies. The following list is intended to jar your memory and increase awareness of a few other items that you might easily overlook when developing an emergency storage … [Read more...]

Setting Preparedness Goals


“Getting Prepared” is a worthy goal in and of itself, but can be a little bit nebulous. How do you know when you’re done? Do you have a way to be sure you covered all your bases? There’s one easy way to be sure you get everything done that you need … [Read more...]

Protecting your Preparations 3: Hiding Things

[This article is part of a series. Did you complete the "Hiding Stuff Interview" last time? If not, you may want to do that first.] As I mentioned, when it comes to protecting your preparations by “keeping quiet” there are three real options: … [Read more...]

Getting Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart


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Survival At Sea


Did you hear about this? Earlier this month, a ragged figure washed up on the shore of one of the Marshall Islands and claimed he’d been lost at sea…for 13 months! José Salvador Alvarenga, a fisherman from southern Mexico, went missing at the end of … [Read more...]

Tornado Preparedness


The following information on tornadoes is taken from the FEMA website at Tornadoes are nature’s most violent storms. A tornado appears as a rotating, funnel-shaped cloud that extends from a thunderstorm to the … [Read more...]



Basic Two Person Tornado / Hurricane Kit Do you live in an area that’s prone to tornadoes or Hurricanes? Among all other land based disasters, tornadoes and hurricanes have the potential to cause some of the most serious damage. Tornadoes can … [Read more...]

Building a Root Cellar


We’re starting to think about how to safely preserve the summer harvest to sustain us in the long winter months – or in a food shortage. It takes about two days of power outage for everything in your spare freezer to go bad. Root cellars, a normal … [Read more...]