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Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Statue Monument in Washington DC

Martin Luther King, Jr. understood how important it is for mankind to be a brotherhood and work together. I would like to take four principles from the following two quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. and apply them to emergency … [Read more...]

Kaito KA009R Emergency Hand Crank Radio Product Review


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Tear Gas Defense Spray


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Gas Shut Off Tool / Wrench Product Review


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Italian Meatball Casserole

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Emergency Bartering

When a disaster occurs, either a natural one, or a manmade one, supplies can be cut off or extremely limited in the affected area. When Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans in 2005, she not only devastated the city, she took away the supplies … [Read more...]

Hurricane Preparedness Mini-Series – Part Three: Under a Hurricane Watch


Summer hurricane season is here, and as long as a storm isn’t right on your doorstep, there’s still time to prepare. These five installments about hurricane preparedness will remind you of ways to stay safe and secure before, during, and after one of … [Read more...]

Natural Treatments for Blisters and Itching


It’s that time of year again: you’re enjoying the great outdoors when you notice a “hot spot” on your foot (it’s a blister), and then you realize that your arm is itchy—likely from contact with an unidentified plant. This isn’t going to happen every … [Read more...]

Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide


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Stocking a Safe Room: Crucial Supplies to Have on Hand


A “safe room” is a room in your house that has been built or modified to withstand an all-out assault by home invaders, whether burglars, terrorists, stalkers, or would-be kidnappers. Some are constructed to withstand high winds from hurricanes or … [Read more...]

Aquaponic Gardening: What is it?


Photo Courtesy of Backyard Aquaponics What is Aquaponics and why should you incorporate it into your preparedness plans? Aquaponics is the practice of raising fish and vegetables together in a symbiotic relationship. In other words, it is the … [Read more...]

Free Survival Playing Cards

Survival Playing Cards

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Apocalypse man.

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Food Storage Personal Pizzas on the Volcano Grill


We've been craving pizza around here at Emergency Essentials, so we grilled up a few personal pizzas on a Volcano Grill last week. 100% food storage. 100% Awesome. Here’s our recipe—I hope you love it as much as I do. --Sarah Food … [Read more...]

Storing (and Understanding) Heirloom Garden Seeds


Garden seeds probably aren't the first thing most of us think of buying for our long-term food storage supply. But if you’re thinking ahead, or you’re working on becoming more self-sufficient, then seeds should be on your list. You can’t just throw … [Read more...]

Simple Rabbit Box Trap


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Survival Guide Box Set: Learn About Bushcraft Survival and Carrying Concealed Weapon for Self-Defense (Wilderness Survival Tools)


Survival Guide Box Set (2 in 1) Book One: Bushcraft 101: Survival Guide with Tips and Hacks to Help You Survive out in the Wilderness Surviving on the buschraft can be a challenge for anyone. Unless you are a seasoned traveler who has done this … [Read more...]

Water Filtration vs Purification: A Basic How-To


Next to air, water is what man needs most. In a challenging situation, it is critical to be able to find, store or treat water. Our bodies are about 80% liquids. We lose water in three ways: perspiration, breathing and urination. Dehydration of 6 to … [Read more...]

First Aid for Wounds


The sight of blood coming from a wound, whether it is yours or someone else's, can be very upsetting for most people. It is wise to study first aid in advance, so if the time comes, you can stay as calm as possible and take proper action. The … [Read more...]

Family Survival Garden Guide


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Baby Steps: Seasonal Emergency Kit Check-up


As you jump into spring cleaning, remember to check your emergency kits. As the seasons change, the items in our emergency kits should change accordingly. Now that we’re heading into warmer weather, switch out that heavy coat for a lighter jacket or … [Read more...]

Five Crucial Survival Skills


I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to be doing during an emergency is reading an instruction manual. All the gear in the world—and I know, there’s some pretty sweet gear out there—is not going to build that shelter or clean that water … [Read more...]

Practicing Your Family Evacuation Plan


We’ve all heard the saying, “practice makes perfect.” If you want to get better at fishing, playing the violin, knitting, or emergency preparedness . . . you need to practice. If you have a Family Evacuation and Emergency Plan, you’re ahead of the … [Read more...]

Preparing for a Tornado


Waiting to prepare for disasters doesn't work. After all, it's usually while your 'waiting' when a disaster strikes and by then it's too late to prepare. Learning what gear to store and skills to develop for specific disasters and emergencies could … [Read more...]

Baby Steps: DIY Felted Wool Dryer Balls


Looking for a unique DIY present? Why not give the gift of soft, sweet-smelling laundry all year long . . . (and no, we unfortunately don’t sell a laundry-scented 100-hour candle . . .) Last summer, we wrote a post about how to make DIY Laundry … [Read more...]

Baby Steps: Nurturing Seeds and Seedlings


If you’ve been following our Baby Steps series, you should be ready to plant your garden. You can start with seeds or seedlings and these baby steps will tell you how. Lot of seedlings in pots ecological farm Plant seeds. Many gardeners in the US … [Read more...]

Get a Free Sample of Food Storage from Food Insurance


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The (Nearly) Lost Art of Bread Making


What could smell more appetizing than the fragrance of baking bread? It conjures memories of visits to Grandma’s house or our favorite bakery, but to the novice, the prospect of making bread seems daunting. This fear of not having your bread turn … [Read more...]

Build Your Own Survival Kit

Build Your Own Survival Kit We provide a wide assortment of 72-Hour Emergency Kits. This makes it easy for you to secure basic pre-packaged preparedness supplies. Yet, it’s interesting. We have found that many people have not purchased disaster kits … [Read more...]

Deadwood Knives


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Discover the Best Water Treatment System for You


Whether you’re on the go, having an outdoor adventure, or in an emergency, make sure you stay hydrated with refreshing, clean water. But remember that water isn’t always just water. Often times, if you find your water source in the outdoors while … [Read more...]

102 Awesome Pallet Projects & Ideas


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The Katadyn Vario Details


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Minor tremor felt in Kathmandu, Nepal; Epicenter in Sindhupalchowk

Update 10:25 pmAccording to Nepal Seismological Center, the epicenter was located in Sindhupalchowk with magnitude 4.6. It is an aftershock of April 25 Gorkha earthquake.The epicenter was located near Syaule Bazar at a shallow depth of 10 km."I was … [Read more...]

PVC Survival Cache for Under $20


Image Credit: To view all of the instructions to build your own PVC Survival Cache, please enter your name and e-mail address below: … [Read more...]

Flooding in Indonesia’s Aceh Province evacuates thousands

Flooding in Aceh Province of Indonesia has caused evacuation of 7,597 people in five districts.Evacuated people have been currently living in meunasah (small mosques) and higher areas in villages, Tempo reported quoting Munawar, secretary of North … [Read more...]

Katadyn Hiker Water Filter


The Katadyn® Hiker is the best selling microfilter in the US Outdoor Market. Its unique filter prevents early clogging and its ergonomic handle makes it easy to pump up to one quart per minute. Compact and lightweight (only 11oz), the Katadyn Hiker … [Read more...]

Self-Defence for Women: Learn to Defend Yourself With Effective Techniques, Strategies and Systems


Self-Defence for Women is a complete guide to basic self-defence for women. In a day and age where self-defence knowledge is a must it can be a daunting experience finding the right guide. Self-Defence for Women is a simple, easy to follow book that … [Read more...]

Che’s Top Ten Prepper Skills & Occupations

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Fight 4 Family: The Number 1 Family Self-Defense Program


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Flood Preparation and Safety Tips


Floods cause more damage in the United States than any other weather-related event and can happen anywhere in any of the states or territories in any season. Floods happen fast; winter storms and snowmelts can cause mild to extreme flooding. Here are … [Read more...]

Which Method of Storing is Best?

Many people want to know which method is the best for storing their food, and depending on whom you ask, you will probably get a different answer. Each method has different advantages and disadvantages, depending on what your priorities are when it … [Read more...]

Two selfie-taking students die in West Java flash flood

Two university students died after they were swept away by a West Java river while taking selfies. The flash flood at an irrigation dam in Sukabami district's Sukasari village washed away students of Jakarta State University (UNJ), Jakarta Globe … [Read more...]

Dutch Oven Basics Part Two: Prepping and Cooking with Your Oven

Now that you’ve learned how to pick a Dutch oven for outdoor cooking it’s time to learn how to prep it and cook with it! Dutch oven cooking has become almost an art for people like Byron Bills and also for Archie and Linda Dixon, authors of Don’t be … [Read more...]

Flood hits Mauritius today; torrential rain warning issued

A torrential rain warning is in effect in Mauritius as widespread flooding have been reported in Island.According to Mauritius Met Service, Pointe aux canonniers saw the highest rainfall of 86 mm between 07:00 to 09:00 am this morning. Heavy … [Read more...]

Survival After Collapse


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Among My Favorites: History of Civilization in England, by H. T. Buckle, Part 2

Originally published in essay form on June 11, 2013.Narrated by Terence West. … [Read more...]

Disability Emergency Planning


One in five people reading this post have a disability. We talk a lot about leaving the house quickly or being forced to stay home for long periods and the things you can do to stay healthy and safe during emergencies. However, for people with … [Read more...]

First Aid for Allergic Reactions


You’re enjoying dinner in a nice restaurant. Suddenly your lips and tongue are tingling and you begin to feel dizzy and anxious. Breathing becomes labored. What’s happening to you? Chances are you’re having an allergic reaction to something in your … [Read more...]

Our Store


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Sweden Arrests 14 For Plotting To Attack Migrant House With Axes, Iron Pipes

This report was originally published at Zero Hedge. The Swedes are aggravated with Mid-East migrants. With the highest per capita rate of sheltered asylum seekers in Europe, Sweden has become something of a poster child for migrant mischief. In the … [Read more...]

Black Women Abolitionists and the Fight for Freedom in the 19th Century

We’ve all heard of Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman. Many other black women made important contributions to the abolitionist movement, too. But the collective efforts of black women had been largely ignored until scholarship in the late 20th … [Read more...]

What Is The Best Method Of Rebellion Against Tyranny?

This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at I have heard it often said that there is no one right way to accomplish a goal. I agree. However, I would add that while there is no such thing as “one right way” to achieve an … [Read more...]

Special Needs Survival

Is there someone in your life with special needs? Pay close attention and acquire the necessary medication and equipment to help them during an emergency. [pic in doc]I take a daily medication for hypothyroidism. Most of the time, it is just a minor … [Read more...]



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Emergency Solar Fire Starter


Get This Amazing Optic Fire Starter 100% FREE! Burns incredibly hot- ignites tinder almost instantly Can start a fire in 60 seconds flat Compact: Credit card size fits easily into wallets Never runs out of fuel (except at night) Doesn't get … [Read more...]

Tiny Homes: Zoning Issues Forcing Owners Out of Homes

Zoned out of existence: How home owners and Off-gridders are being forced to conform to government regulations and zoning codes... … [Read more...]


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How To Survive Occupied America: “Red Dawn Just Started… And You’re In It”

This article was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition and is the second part in a series. You can read the first part of the series here: How To Survive Occupied America: “To Survive, You Must … [Read more...]