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My Shed Plans: 12,000 Shed Plans and Woodworking Designs


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First Aid for Oxygen Deprivation


Here’s a fun new word to impress your friends at parties: hypoxia. Medical professionals and other Latin speakers will recognize it as a fancy way to describe oxygen deprivation, which is a pretty broad class of conditions. Hypoxia can be general or … [Read more...]

Survival Business Card


Get This Survival Business Card 100% FREE! Has it all: Eleven useful functions in one tiny tool that fits in your wallet. 11 tools in one! Durable: Stainless Steel construction Compact: Credit card size fits easily into wallets Perfect For … [Read more...]

First Aid for Allergic Reactions


You’re enjoying dinner in a nice restaurant. Suddenly your lips and tongue are tingling and you begin to feel dizzy and anxious. Breathing becomes labored. What’s happening to you? Chances are you’re having an allergic reaction to something in your … [Read more...]

Delicious Homemade Yogurt from Instant Powdered Milk

Customer Louise Joseph wrote us about her success in making delicious yogurt from our Provident Pantry Instant Nonfat Dry Milk, and we decided it was something we needed to try! Here is her recipe: Mix two quarts of powdered milk according to … [Read more...]

Blade HQ


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Emergency Warmth


Suffering from cold temperatures can be discomforting and potentially dangerous, especially in an emergency we can prepare ourselves to handle cold weather. Emergency Warmth There are a number of ways to accomplish this and based upon your needs, … [Read more...]

Kaito AC/DC Powerpack Product Review


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How to Clean Seeds for Sprouting


Sprouts are one of the most nutritious foods out there. When you sprout at home, they can also be some of the cleanest food produced. You can usually guarantee the quality of what you create because you oversee every step of the sprouting process. … [Read more...]

Building a Root Cellar


We’re starting to think about how to safely preserve the summer harvest to sustain us in the long winter months – or in a food shortage. It takes about two days of power outage for everything in your spare freezer to go bad. Root cellars, a normal … [Read more...]

Survival Guide: 35 DIY Paracord Projects For Preppers. Learn To Make Survival Bracelets, Belts, Whips, Weapons And Much More: (Prepper’s Survival, Preppers … Survival Books, Survival, Survival Books))


Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion. Survival Guide (FREE Bonus Included) 35 DIY Paracord Projects For Preppers. Learn To Make Survial Bracelets, Belts, Whips, … [Read more...]

Ukraine and Your Gas Bill


Have you been following the situation in the Ukraine? Skirmishes on the other side of the globe seem far from our everyday worries, but some parts of the world are already considering possible far-reaching effects. At the top of the list is Europe’s … [Read more...]

Cheese Making 101: A Basic Guide


Whether you’re a cheese connoisseur or just like to throw it in with your lasagna, homemade cheese will give you a delicious (not to mention inexpensive!) blend of flavors—exactly the way you want. And believe it or not, making your own homemade … [Read more...]

Ultimate Preparedness Library


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Prevent Kitchen Fires


Quick quiz: Which activity is statistically more likely to result in a house fire? a) Running your fireplace b) Using your hair dryer c) Frying eggs. If you answered ‘c,’ you’re already keyed in to the message of the National Fire Prevention … [Read more...]

Emp, Electromagnetic Pulse Survival Guide

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The EDT Tool – Your Every Day Mini Multi-Tool


Get This EDT Mini Multi Tool 100% FREE! The EDT Mini-Tool has the tools you need in one convenient, pocket sized product A mini “multi-plier” that instantly folds out and multiplies the strength in your hands so you never need to struggle to … [Read more...]

Jurisdictional Creep

Have the read the national newspapers today?  Did you watch Fox News, read Drudge, or get any of dozens of news flash emails?  Are you planning to attend the next city council meeting where you live?  How about the school board meeting?  How do you … [Read more...]

Survival Combat Fitness: Prepper Hand-to-hand Fighting


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DIY Oil Lamp


When a power outage strikes, hopefully your emergency supplies are up to date, complete with emergency power and lighting gear/options. Keeping a variety of flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns (along with batteries or solar power options to keep … [Read more...]

California Wildfires Spread Due to Drought Conditions

Wildfires swept through Central and Coastal California earlier this week and the severe drought conditions aren’t helping this prolonged fire season. CBS News reported fires engulfing buildings, burning homes, climbing mountainsides, and forcing … [Read more...]

How to Deal with a Dangerous Animal

Learn how to deal with a dangerous animal from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast. … [Read more...]

Auto Guardian Flashlight Product Review


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What did you do to prep this week?

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The Ocean City Boom

When a loud boom, violent shaking, and tremors rattled Ocean City, MD in early Feb., the city’s residents were confused. Most suspected an earthquake, but within hours geologists confirmed that wasn't the case. The Baltimore Sun reported the … [Read more...]

Field Supply

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Bug Out: Prepper Preparations for Survival, SHTF, Natural Disasters, Off Grid Living, Civil Unrest, and Martial Law to Help You Survive the End Times


This book is written to help the average person learn what is necessary to survive SHTF, Natural Disasters, Off Grid Living, Civil Unrest, and Martial Law to Help You Survive the End Times. This book gives solid advice and strategy to help keep you … [Read more...]

Evacuating from Home in an Emergency


Unfortunately, there are times when an emergency evacuation from your home is absolutely necessary. When the time to evacuate comes be sure to have your items ready-to-go and that you are prepared. Here are some questions and information regarding … [Read more...]

Shelter from the Storm: How Much Would You Pay?


Image Source: Imagine a flood is headed your way. You and forty nine others, including family, friends, and neighbors, gather at a central location and pile into a bright orange submarine-like storm shelter. Once inside this “Storm, … [Read more...]



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Food Insurance


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Emergency Kits


A portable, short-term emergency kit is an essential part of an emergency preparedness plan. These kits are meant to help you survive on your own during a disaster that requires you to evacuate the affected area. An emergency kit should contain at … [Read more...]

Could you Survive the Immediate Days after a Disaster? With the Life Cube you Could


If tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or other natural disasters struck your hometown, would you be prepared to weather the rough days that follow until emergency response teams set up? Unfortunately, many people aren’t. A little while ago, we … [Read more...]

Why You Must Not Store Bottled Water

Storing flats of bottled water is about the most dangerous way of doing it. It’s too bad, too, because nothing could be easier or more convenient than picking up a case or two of bottled water every month, stacking them in the garage, and forgetting … [Read more...]

Special Needs Survival

Is there someone in your life with special needs? Pay close attention and acquire the necessary medication and equipment to help them during an emergency. [pic in doc]I take a daily medication for hypothyroidism. Most of the time, it is just a minor … [Read more...]

Alternative Transportation: Bug Out Vehicle


Looking for a great Bug out Vehicle idea? To go along with our post on last mile transportation vehicles, we wanted to share a DIY Bug out vehicle that our customer Kevin White created. If you are interested in using alternative transportation in … [Read more...]

Easy RV Meals

RVers face some challenges when it comes to food: vast, empty stretches without restaurants, late-night hauls when everyone is sleeping except the hungry driver, cold food, fast food, the frustration of cooking in a tight space and limited storage … [Read more...]

Medicinal Plants


Just like most people, I’ve got a convenient cabinet full of bottles and bubble packs of pills that come in hand when my head hurts or my GI system gets upset over something. I’m not terribly interested in giving up the stuff in my medicine cabinet, … [Read more...]

Baby Steps: Soil and Sun


This week’s baby steps are in the same vein as last week: getting your garden ready to plant. Here are three more things you’ll want to know before you start planting. Know when to start planting.This great page from Mother Earth News will give … [Read more...]

Top 10 Prepper Uses for Duct Tape

In my grandfather’s day, the do-all item on every farm was baling wire. Around the time of WWII some smart person somewhere invented a tape to help seal ammo crates and keep the GI’s ammo dry. Soon this tape was doing its duty holding things together … [Read more...]

Survive Water Crisis

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Testing the Shielding Effectiveness of a Metal Garbage Can

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July 22, 2016 Miscellany News Brief

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How to Prevent Electrical Fires and Burns in Your Home


Many of us have experienced the shocking jolt that comes from sticking a paperclip, fork, or other metal object into an exposed power outlet—I know I did when I was a kid, ‘cause it just seemed like a good idea. There are plenty of other ways to get … [Read more...]

Great Grains

We’ve taken some time to discuss wheat and beans, but we certainly couldn’t continue our preparedness journey without discussing some other great grains for our food storage pantry. Did you know that cereal grains provide more food energy … [Read more...]

The FOA Fighting of Allah the “Nation of Gods and Earths Defense for Knowing Self”: A Study and History of the Black Gods ‘120’ Styles of the Martial Arts, the Supreme Book In Self Defense


The FOA the Fighting of Allah. the Nation of Gods and Earths "Defense for Knowing Self" is the first of its kind, a martial arts book mixed with the concepts of the 5% lessons of the 120 (Nation of Islam canon). From a religious point of view, it … [Read more...]


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Preparing for Earthquakes


Earthquakes can be very dangerous and can occur at any time of the year. Identifying potential hazards ahead of time and advance planning can reduce the chances of death, serious injury, or property damage. When preparing for an earthquake, plan on … [Read more...]

Survival After Collapse


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How to Purify Water with Bleach


This article will instruct you on how to purify water with bleach. If boiling water takes too much time and energy there are other ways to purify water. While purification tablets make the most sense, if you are thrown into a survival scenario – you … [Read more...]

Family Survival Garden Guide


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Combating Rising Food Prices


Are Food Prices Rising? Every year the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) releases a report that details food prices and their predictions on whether food prices will rise or fall. Their predictions aren’t based on guesses … [Read more...]

Heat Related Stress: Treatment and Prevention


The dangerous effects of unusually high temperatures on the human body fall into three basic types: Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion, and Heat Stroke. The heat may come from the sun or in industrial settings such as open-hearth furnaces in steel mills, … [Read more...]

Emergency Bartering

When a disaster occurs, either a natural one, or a manmade one, supplies can be cut off or extremely limited in the affected area. When Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans in 2005, she not only devastated the city, she took away the supplies … [Read more...]

Bix Weir Warns Economic Collapse Coming Before Election: “August, September Time-Frame”

Crisis may be coming, and soon. Who can say if such a bold prediction holds any weight. Maybe it is true that no man knows the hour when true crisis will come. But it is all building to a dark crescendo, and there are many who see the front coming … [Read more...]

Emergency Blanket Product Review


Get The Emergency Blanket Now! If you liked this post, subscribe below with your name and best email to get more survival tips! … [Read more...]

Survival? These Pokemon Go Zombies Failed At Reality: “Bumping Into Things, Falling From a Cliff”

When it comes to survival, you can count out large swaths of millennials who are busy playing the latest mobile video game craze, and are instead winning the Darwin Award in locales all around the world. The Pokemon Go craze has gamers going outside … [Read more...]

How to Make Delicious Homemade Jams and Jellies

Nothing in the pantry or storage room looks more attractive than a shelf of clear, jewel-like jellies and jams. There’s also the satisfaction that you’ve preserved summer’s fruit in delicious spreads that brighten winter meals, whether a simple … [Read more...]

Soup: Comfort Food Par Excellence!

Nothing tastes better on a rainy or cold day than a savory bowl of hot soup. Homemade soup is simple to make because you can use ingredients you already have in the fridge or pantry. In addition, making your own soup will give you more variety than … [Read more...]

Star Navigation


So you’re stranded in the wilderness without a GPS or compass. You’re lost and have a terrible sense of direction. Suddenly the stars that you never notice in your cushy life become your best friends. Star navigation is a forgotten tactic but has … [Read more...]