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Everstryke Match


This Free Everstrkye Match Will Always be Ready to Start a Fire Even After Being SOAKED in Water Has it all: Contains the ferro rod and wick in one all-inclusive fire starting kit that fits conveniently in your pocket. Strikes hot, burns hot: … [Read more...]

How to Winterize your Home


The minute winter is over and the temperature creeps up above 40 degrees, I know exactly what I’m supposed to do. Spring cleaning? Bring it on. Paint touch-ups? Love it. Garden prep? Couldn’t start soon enough. But somehow I’m never as enthusiastic … [Read more...]

Datrex Water Pouches


We purchased a case of the Datrex Water Pouches with the intention of using them for camping trips. We keep them in the refrigerator so they are ready to go whenever we are ready for a trip. However, we have discovered so many more uses for them … [Read more...]

First Aid for Hypothermia and Frostbite


Have you ever been outside in the cold so long that you’ve felt like your toes were going to fall off? Did your toes or fingers start to get numb, and turn red or pale white? These are the signs of frostnip, what Dr. Eric Weiss, author of Wilderness … [Read more...]

MREs for Hiking

We recently moved to Salt Lake City from Nebraska. We have purchased online from Emergency Essentials, and love the fact that we can go to a retail store. We purchased several MREs from one of the scratch and dent sales. We also purchased heaters to … [Read more...]

How to Identify Venomous Snakes in the Wild or at Home


A crucial part of preparing for any emergency is developing your prepper skills. This includes expanding your knowledge of the wild. North America is home to thousands of snakes that hide under bushes near your campsite, sit at the edge of hiking … [Read more...]

Emergency Kit – Food Items to Avoid

There are a few categories of food not to include in your disaster/emergency pack. Stating the Obvious: I will state the obvious, especially for those newbies. Nothing that is easily perishable can be included in your pack. That will end in moldy … [Read more...]

Kubotan Power: Quick and Simple Steps to Mastering the Kubotan Keychain


UNLOCK THE FULL POWER OF THE KUBOTAN! With over 290 photographs and step-by-step instructions, Kubotan Power: Quick and Simple Steps to Mastering the Kubotan Keychain is the authoritative resource for mastering this devastating self-defense weapon. … [Read more...]

TEOTWAWKI: The End of the World as We Know it

TEOTWAWKI is an acronym that stands for “The End Of The World As We Know It”. It basically means life as we know it right now will change forever, but life will not end. While there are numerous scenarios that can change life as we know it … [Read more...]

Why Ice Fishing Could Save Your Life


Compared to hundreds of years ago, ice fishing in the 21st century is more of a competitive sport, pastime, or hobby than a means of survival. Today, anglers come to the ice riding ATVs equipped with electric augers (a tool to drill holes in the ice) … [Read more...]

How Much Food to Store

During and after any “Major” disaster, power and supply lines will be cut indefinitely. That means no power and no supplies, especially food, for weeks, months, and in a worse case scenario, for years. During this time, people who are not prepared … [Read more...]

Evacuation Plan


In an emergency, it's important to have a plan so you know what to do amid the chaos. A major part of that is an emergency evacuation plan. Understanding your family's evacuation plan can help those you love know how to get out of the house and get … [Read more...]

Must Have Skills to Survive the SHTF

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Survival Tactics And Training – Or Die!

Being able to defend yourself and your home from a threat is something that every person should know how to do. Survival training can mean the difference between life and death, and when you’re prepared to defend yourself you stand a better chance of … [Read more...]

Storage, Caches, and Hides


When the time comes for preparing all your supplies for storage, there are three basic ways to store them. This is something that all preppers really need to consider when preparing all their supplies and where to store them. The three ways … [Read more...]

Heirloom and Non-Hybrid Garden Seeds


We have encountered a lot of recent discussions about Heirloom and non-hybrid garden seeds. One of the most important characteristics of Heirloom seeds is that they are open-pollinating non-hybrid seeds. What does this mean, and why is this so … [Read more...]

Smart Phone Technology Measures Earthquakes


What do a smart phone’s GPS system and a seismograph have in common? What do a Smart Phone's GPS and a Seismograph have in common? The main parts used to create GPS receivers can also be used to create a system of sensors that will help improve … [Read more...]

Collecting Important Documents

When I first started collecting my important documents, I wasn’t totally sure what I needed, or what I should do with the papers after they were collected. I figured it out, though, and now I feel pretty confident that I will have what I need when I … [Read more...]

A Primer on Preppers


Check out this great article entitled "Stop Demonizing Preppers." Whether you self-identify as a "prepper" or not, you will surely be able to recognize some of the false stereotypes the author talks about. A great article that shows not all preppers … [Read more...]

Our Best Friends


Years ago I had the great pleasure of speaking with a woman who survived breast cancer. She not only survived, she thrived. Susan attributes her peaceful state and the ability to thrive in a scary situation to a bear. That’s right. A bear. Susan’s … [Read more...]

Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms: What’s the Difference?


Surprisingly, the terms “Smoke Detector” and “Fire Alarm” aren’t interchangeable. Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms actually have different functions and may be better suited for one environment over another. For example, a smoke detector may be better … [Read more...]

What Is a Survival Knife?


Learn about survival knives in this Howcast video with expert Dan Delavan. … [Read more...]


As anyone who has enjoyed the substance referenced in the last few band monikers is well aware, too much of a good thing is never a bad thing. So on with the meth...this time in the crystalline form of disgusting grind/PV of the highest order from … [Read more...]

Adventures in Solar Cooking Part 3


This week, we are testing out our new SOS Sport Solar Oven. Check out Part 1 and >Part 2 in our Blog series, where we give you all the details about how this oven works. Its Pizza time! Coming off of our successful experiment in Dinner Rolls, we … [Read more...]

Build A Container Home


[Read more...]

Survival Prepping: When it Hits the Fan, Have a Plan!


When it hits the fan, have a plan! The United States is struck by natural disasters all the time. The country's economic system is on the verge of collapse and the target of terrorism plots daily. In short, if you want to keep yourself and your … [Read more...]

Credit Card Knife


Get This Amazing InstaBlade 100% FREE! Ultra Slim - Folds to the size of a credit card, 2 mm THIN! (The same size as your standard credit card and 1/10th the thickness of your standard utility knife!) Quick and Simple Conversion - In just … [Read more...]

Katanas Are In For Home Defense – Firearms Are Out Of Style

You gotta defend your home with some flare.  The katana offers that as demonstrated: This guy has loads of sword and knife videos.  I always hear about how blade guys are “eccentric”, and I suppose this is some further proof.  If you … [Read more...]

Instructor Zero Training Promo Video Is Just Like You’d Expect

LOL @ everything about this guy: I think I side-eye’d this entire video.  As you’d expect it contains all the currently fashionable things to do with a rifle and pistol.  You can be the judge of whether or not those things are useful, … [Read more...]

High Capacity Cheese Ball Assault Weapon

The drum on this thing is too large, it makes me nervous.  Think of the children: Dude’s voice and delivery sounds like a computer.  I thought this was maybe the same guy who made the snowball assault weapon with a leaf blower, but I was … [Read more...]

Underground Shelters

As we watched the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster unfold last year, most of us had the same reaction – we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Emergency system after emergency system failed, and failed so quickly that there was no time for … [Read more...]

Deadwood Knives


[Read more...]

Emergency Preparedness on a Budget, Part I

Many people are realizing the value of preparation because our tough economic times make the future seem so uncertain. What if things get worse (maybe much worse) before they get better? Unemployment is high, home values are low, and many people … [Read more...]

Keeping Warm—and Safe—with Portable Heaters


Blizzards, ice storms, and high winds often cause power outages just when warmth and light are needed the most in our homes. If by chance you have a wood-burning stove or fireplace with a supply of dry firewood, you’re ahead of the game. However, if … [Read more...]

Why Are Americans Getting Married An Average Of 7 Years Later Than They Did In The 1950s?

Americans are getting married later and later in life these days.  So precisely why is this happening?  As you will see below, the average age when men and women first get married in the United States is getting perilously close to 30, but in the … [Read more...]

Random Thoughts

Real life stuff has taken most of my attention lately. Significant life progress will ultimately put me in a better place all around which eventually will include preparedness. Or its a nice idea anyway. -  I am so beyond bored with this … [Read more...]

Preparing for and Responding to a Power Outage


Power outages are one of the most common emergencies that occur. They can be caused by storms, accidents in which power lines are knocked down, circuit overloads, etc. Power failures can last for an extended period of time or for a brief moment, but … [Read more...]

Expert Warns Of Venezuela-style Hyperinflation: “This Will Not End Well For The United States”

Though completely outside the realm of possibility for an entertained, well fed, and oblivious American public dependent on ever-growing debt to make ends meet, there are serious economic, financial and monetary headwinds set to flip the entire … [Read more...]

Prepper Skill – Pickling Eggs

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Anatomy of a Manual / Spring Assisted Folding Knife


Manual knives are legal in most areas, which means they are extremely common. Often, this type of knife is also recognized as a “pocket knife.” Spring assisted knives are roughly the same as manual knives, but they have a spring inside the handle … [Read more...]

A Shocking NBC News Report Says That Someday We Will Be Microchipping All Of Our Children

Would you allow microchips to be surgically implanted in your children if that would keep them safer?  This is already being done to pets on a widespread basis, and a shocking local NBC News report is promoting the idea that if it is good for our … [Read more...]

The Native Americans DID Find A ‘Fountain Of Youth,’ And 1,661 Of Them Remain

Photographer: Timothy O’Sullivan. 1874   What could be better than relaxing on a cold day in a nice hot tub? Well, staying in a natural hot spring might be a bit better. Native Americans may have used hot springs after a nice long hunt, … [Read more...]

Learn, Don’t Burn: Fire Safety Tips for the Home


“The United States has the highest fatality rate from fire in the industrial world. Why? Because we spend most of our money responding to fires, not preventing them.” This statement by David Osborne, Sr. Advisor to Vice President Al Gore, shows us … [Read more...]

Shelter from the Storm: How Much Would You Pay?


Image Source: Imagine a flood is headed your way. You and forty nine others, including family, friends, and neighbors, gather at a central location and pile into a bright orange submarine-like storm shelter. Once inside this “Storm, … [Read more...]

Chilling Prophecy Predicts: “Obama Will Be Last U.S. President… Europe A Total Wasteland By End Of 2016”

It is said that an eastern European clairvoyant has predicted a wide range of events including the attacks of September 11, the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004, the election of an African American as President of the United States, and an invasion of … [Read more...]

Episode-1793- How to Determine What Business You Should Start

Tweet Today we continue with the shows that won the May voting for just Jack Tuesday shows.  As a reminder voting is still open for another week for Junes shows, you can cast your vote on that here. Today though … Continue reading → … [Read more...]

Combating Rising Food Prices


Are Food Prices Rising? Every year the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) releases a report that details food prices and their predictions on whether food prices will rise or fall. Their predictions aren’t based on guesses … [Read more...]

What to Have in a Survival Kit

Learn what items are good to have in a survival kit from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills Howcast video. … [Read more...]

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Saudis Hit Back: “The U.S. Blew Up World Trade Center To Create War On Terror”

This report was originally published at SGT Report We’ve been waiting a long time for this. 5,368 days to be exact. It has been 14 years, 8 months, and 12 days since the Neocon Zionist monsters in the United States along with their partners in the … [Read more...]

Have Yourself a Merry Little Road Trip

Want to put your Christmas plans in perspective? According to AAA’s yearly holiday travel forecast, an estimated 93.3 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles from their homes this holiday season. 90% of those trips will be by car, and 54% of … [Read more...]

This Country Is On Its Deathbed and Obama Has Placed It There: “A Deliberate and Treasonous Weakening of our Defenses”

We have all seen the buildup of U.S. and NATO troops facing Russia’s western border and the steady push by those two groups in conjunction with the MIC and the IMF to enter the world into a new Cold War against Russia.  Some of the equipment is … [Read more...]

The Bulletproof Home


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Reminder One Week Left to Vote on Junes Tuesday Shows

Tweet Just a reminder there is only about a week left to vote on June’s Tuesday “Just Jack”, shows.  Get on over to the forum and vote, in this election your votes really do count. I have 8 topics to … Continue reading → … [Read more...]

When You’re On Your Own

Everyone at one time or another in their lives should have heard of a “72 Hour Kit”. Personally, as a disaster preparedness instructor for over seventeen years now, I do not believe in them or teach them in my classes. When any major disaster … [Read more...]


Sometimes you just want to grind, right? Sometimes you just want ignorant simplicity and devastating ferocity, and you shouldn't have to choose. Nor should you have to slog through piles of technical shitcore with fake riffs and triggered drums. Nor … [Read more...]

Sugar, Spice, and Some Fat Would be Nice!

Your food storage pantry will not be complete without sugar, salt, and fats! We have a few more items to discuss on our journey through the basics of food storage. We have already learned about grains, legumes, garden seeds, and milk. The last … [Read more...]

Special from MT Knives – Genesis II

Tweet TSP Gear Shop has been working with MT Knives to bring you a special edition knife featuring the TSP Logo for only $99.00. This is an amazing opportunity for TSP listeners! Artisinal knife crafters MT Knives produce impeccable, custom-made … [Read more...]

The (Nearly) Lost Art of Bread Making


What could smell more appetizing than the fragrance of baking bread? It conjures memories of visits to Grandma’s house or our favorite bakery, but to the novice, the prospect of making bread seems daunting. This fear of not having your bread turn … [Read more...]

Standing Up To Multinational Big-Ag: Nepal, Monsanto, & USAID

May 24, 2016 (Tony Cartalucci - NEO) - Throughout history, controlling India was the key to controlling Nepal. British control over the landlocked nation was an extension of its control over India itself. Today, imperialism is far from a distant … [Read more...]

Win a GIFT for Father’s Day & Make Summer Perfect with GearBest

Hey everyone, Today I’m announcing the latest giveaway from First, you need to check out the 10 items … [Read more...]