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The Everstryke Pro – New Emergency Waterproof Firestarter


This Free Everstrkye Pro Will Always be Ready to Start a Fire Even After Being SOAKED in Water Improved design: The all new Everstryke Pro has been completely redesigned, with new features like a replaceable flint, the wick last 10x longer and is … [Read more...]

My Shed Plans: 12,000 Shed Plans and Woodworking Designs


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What is the shelf life of my food storage?

The question is regularly asked, "What is the shelf life of my food storage?" It is important to first identify what is meant by food storage and shelf life. Food storage that is intended to be held long-term is generally considered to be low … [Read more...]

Baby Steps: Nurturing Seeds and Seedlings


If you’ve been following our Baby Steps series, you should be ready to plant your garden. You can start with seeds or seedlings and these baby steps will tell you how. Lot of seedlings in pots ecological farm Plant seeds. Many gardeners in the US … [Read more...]

Meals Without Wheels


A recent study funded by the Meals on Wheels organization revealed that 5 million senior Americans, that’s almost 12% of the senior population, face hunger every day. Half of those 5 million are living above the federal poverty line and two thirds of … [Read more...]

The (Nearly) Lost Art of Bread Making


What could smell more appetizing than the fragrance of baking bread? It conjures memories of visits to Grandma’s house or our favorite bakery, but to the novice, the prospect of making bread seems daunting. This fear of not having your bread turn … [Read more...]

The Ocean City Boom

When a loud boom, violent shaking, and tremors rattled Ocean City, MD in early Feb., the city’s residents were confused. Most suspected an earthquake, but within hours geologists confirmed that wasn't the case. The Baltimore Sun reported the … [Read more...]

Backyard Aquaponics — Grow Your Own Food: Harvest Fish and Vegetables and Recycle the Water


How to Build Aquaponic Systems to Grow Your Own FoodAquaponics systems can provide healthful and plentiful food, even where water is scarce. Compared with conventional methods, it has several advantages:•Organic vegetables with high yields in small … [Read more...]

What to Do If You Hit a Patch of Black Ice?

One of the most dangerous aspects of driving in snowy or icy weather is black ice, and with some of areas of the country still experiencing below-freezing temperatures we thought it would be important to share some safety tips on driving in these … [Read more...]

Food Storage Super Bowl Recipe Roundup

Throwing a party for the big game? Still don’t know what to make for snacks? Cheer the Seahawks or Broncos on in style this Sunday by making these four food storage recipes that are sure to please a crowd. Corn Salsa Corn Salsa made from … [Read more...]

Adventures in Solar Cooking Part 2


This week, we are testing out our new SOS Sport Solar Oven. Check out Part 1 in our Blog series, where we give you all the details about how this oven works. First Attempt: Dinner Rolls We keep hearing a lot of contradictory reports about bread and … [Read more...]

Tools Needed to Make a Fire using a Bow Drill


Learn about the tools needed to make a fire with a bow drill from NYC Outward Bound's Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival video from Howcast. … [Read more...]

15 Awesome Underground Bunker Designs


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Water Storage Options


In most emergency situations, fresh drinking water is the most important item you can store. It is recommended to have both stationary emergency water storage and portable storage in containers light enough to carry in an emergency. Be sure to take … [Read more...]

Stormproof Matches: A Fourth of July Essential

In an emergency situation I am the type of person who would lose all my matches in the black hole of my emergency kit. After digging around in my pack I would find that one glorious match! I’d light it and watch in amazement as it blazes and flickers … [Read more...]

Patriotic Paracord Bracelet

Paracord Bracelet Img1

The Patriot Bracelet Could Save Your Life 10 feet of 550 lb strength paracord, if unraveled Over a hundred survival uses; video & PDF included Bracelet is 8.5 inches long, when buckle is clipped Fits most men & women wrists Or attach to … [Read more...]

Check Out our NEW Disaster Preparedness Guide

Home fires, downed power lines, and winter weather can be just as deadly as earthquakes and tornadoes. It’s important to prepare for natural disasters, but our NEW Disaster Preparedness Guide, “When Disaster Hits Home” is a great reminder to be ready … [Read more...]

Your Car as an Emergency Shelter


Most of the time when we think of evacuating in an emergency we imagine ourselves at home with at least a few minutes to grab the essentials. However, that’s not always the case. You may be at work or traveling when disaster strikes, preventing you … [Read more...]

The HyBeam Tactical Flashlight


Get This Amazing HyBeam 100% FREE! Ultra light and ultra tough Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum Authentic CREE bulb that produces a blindingly bright light Features a 3 stage switch with High, Low, and Strobe Beveled edge so that it can … [Read more...]

Alternative Transportation: Last Mile Transport Vehicles


Getting stuck in traffic during an emergency evacuation can potentially become a life or death situation (if anyone has seen the movie, Deep Impact, visualize that congested highway scene at the very end . . .). So, when you plan your emergency … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Optic

Choosing a firearm can be a complicated process, but a buyer shouldn’t discount a decision that can often rank even higher on the importance scale — choosing the correct optic to accompany that firearm. The riflescope is often the most important … [Read more...]

The Clinton Murder Machine

You think I'm kidding, don't you? Or maybe that I'm just referring to the many thousands killed by bombs during Willy's terms and/or Hillary's similar bombing during Obama's terms. Bombing and other military activity that of course have killed lots … [Read more...]

Butter Powder Tip


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Flood Preparedness


The recent flooding in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky caused me to wonder if we are all prepared for this type of natural disaster. So far, 22 people have lost their lives. According to FEMA, "Floods are one of the most common hazards in the … [Read more...]

Power Failure


Basic Two Person Power Failure Kit There are many reasons why power failures occur like clockwork each year – blizzards, ice storms, human error, and an overloaded grid. Whether its brownouts due to heat or full-on blackouts due to ice, each year … [Read more...]

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance

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Preparing Your Home for a Fire

by Shannon Every day, hundreds of homes burn to the ground. We hear it on the news channel and read it on the newspapers. The report usually comes with what caused the fire, who got injured and how long it took for the firemen to subdue the flames. … [Read more...]

Goats: Goatherd 101: An Introduction To Raising Meat and Dairy Goats (2nd Edition) (goat, meat, milk, shepherd, dairy, homesteading, off the grid)


Start Raising Goats, Today!***Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Download Now!***NEW Updated and Revised 2nd Edition Released on 7/28/15Can anyone raise goats? Is it difficult?When you download Goatherd 101: An Introduction To Raising Meat … [Read more...]

Preserve Food By Using A Solar Food Dehydrator

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Top Ten Tips for Winter Camping


For some of us, winter brings a whole new set of adventures that summer just can’t offer. Some ski or snowboard, others snowshoe, and still others love to sled. For many outdoor enthusiasts, winter camping sparks their excitement; they see it as an … [Read more...]

Spices Add Variety to Life (and to Your Food Storage)

Group of spices in the wooden spoon isolated on white background

The old saying that "variety is the spice of life" can be turned around to express the truth that spices give variety to our lives by making our cooking more interesting and tasty. Herbs and spices allow us to use many of the same basic ingredients, … [Read more...]

Survival Preparedness Basics

Survival preparedness is something that many people take for granted. Some people wait for news alerts or mass panic to begin before they start doing something to ensure their safety and the safety of their family and loved ones. Some people who are … [Read more...]

Food Dehydration


When it comes to food storage, there are few things more satisfying than “putting up” your own food. Drying, or dehydrating, homegrown produce is one of the traditional ways of food preservation. This process involves removing moisture from food, … [Read more...]

Getting Prepped In 1 Trip To Walmart


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The Right Stuff

New Wildgame Innovations Dominant Buck Dripper Keeps Scrapes Active With 100% Buck Urine And Patented Glo-Cote Technology Wildgame InnovationsDallas, TX (August 23, 2016) – ( Nobody knows the precise reason why a whitetail buck makes … [Read more...]

Trump’s Practical & Pragmatic America

By Ilana Mercer Donald Trump Podium Ilana MercerUnited States -( In his August 20 2015 rally in Fredericksburg, Va., Donald Trump continued to say things surprisingly basic.Or, “insubstantial,” if you believe the presstitutes (with … [Read more...]

5 Easy Steps For Emergency Preparedness

In the event of an unexpected disaster, you should equip yourself for surviving with advanced emergency preparedness strategies. If you’re not preparing for the worst, your safety and life could be at risk. A survival checklist and advanced … [Read more...]

Bowshooter’s Station Targets Archery, Ethics… and Friendships

By Kevin Reese Bowshooter’s Station six month field test and product review. Bowshooter’s Station : AmmoLand Gun NewsUnited States -( Writing a recent article about bowhunting ethics, more specifically, year round … [Read more...]

Hey Bidder Bidder

Art by A.F. Branco Hey Bidder Bidder AmmoLand Gun NewsUSA –-( Hey Bidder Bidder.It appears Obama has created a stronger hostage market in the Middle East, thanks to his $400 million in ransom to Iran for hostages.Did you enjoy … [Read more...]

Clinton’s Polling Data – Why It Is a Fraud

By Don McDougall Rising Support for Guns Up Arrow Poll Don McDougallUSA -( How Polls work, and how their bias is used to beat down Trump and throw the election to Clinton.I’ll make this a simple example. Let use just two groups, the … [Read more...]

Easy to Assemble, Tough to Destroy

Say ‘hello’ to Big Daddy—Delta’s NEW Patent-pending Ultra-realistic 3D Deer Big Daddy Buck Delta SportsUnited States -( Delta McKenzie, known for hunting and competitive archery targets, introduces patent-pending 3D deer target ideal … [Read more...]

Nosler Hires New North American Sales Manager

Darrick Wyllie Nosler AmmunitionBend, OR -( Nosler, Inc. a world leader in the manufacture of premium bullets, cartridge cases, ammunition and rifles, has announced the appointment of Darrick Wyllie as Sr. Manager, North American … [Read more...]

Moon Navigation


If you must travel at night, there are two ways to orient yourself – the star navigation and moon navigation. Being there are four moon phases, you should plan accordingly. Since the moon orbits nearly every 30 days around the earth, you can expect … [Read more...]

Saginaw Field & Stream To Host Last R100 Of The Season

R100 Finishes 2016 Campaign In Michigan Saginaw Field & Stream To Host Last R100 Of The Season Rinehart TargetsJanesville, WI -( Rinehart Targets would like to announce the upcoming Rinehart R100 in Saginaw, Michigan on September … [Read more...]

United Way Reverses Course: Raffle for AR-15, Other Firearms Resume

By AWR Hawkins United Way Reverses Course: Raffle for AR-15, Other Firearms Resume AmmoLand Gun NewsWashington DC – -( The United Way of Otero County New Mexico was told to halt its raffle of firearms after a board member of … [Read more...]

Michael Bloomberg Demanded John Lott Interview Cut from Couric Gun Control Film

By AWR Hawkins Michael Bloomberg AmmoLand Gun NewsWashington DC – -( Radio host John Cardillo claims that interview segments with noted gun scholar John Lott were included in the earliest version of Katie Couric’s gun control … [Read more...]

Teen Clerk Fights Off Armed Robber, Harrisburg, Pa. ~ VIDEO

PennLive, Harrisburg, Pa. 08/19/16 Masked Gun Man Gun Save LivesUSA –  -( Somewhere, everyday in the USA, 2100+ people use a gun for self defense, to stop a crime or save the lives of themselves or their family.“We believe … [Read more...]

Olympus Resetting Target from Birchwood Casey ~ VIDEO

Birchwood Casey Olympus Resetting Target : Birchwood CaseyUSA – -( The new Olympus™ Resetting Target from the Birchwood Casey® World of Targets® line offers fast- paced, gallery-type action for rimfire rifles … [Read more...]

9 Survival Skills Your Child or Grandchildren Should Know Today

Today’s kids seem to go through life with their collective noses glued to one type of screen or another. As a result they have missed out on learning many of the basic survival skills that children knew in past generations. Here Are Nine Survival … [Read more...]

The Veterans Family of Brands Welcomes The Tactical Edge

The Veterans Family of Brands (VFOB), a Forward Operating Base for Veterans, is an organization bringing together like mission-minded companies, and individuals with a passion for supporting US Military Veterans and their families! Veterans Family of … [Read more...]

Hillary Opera Won’t Be Over ‘Till Fat Lady Sings’ – In Federal Court

By Roger J. Katz, Attoney at Law and Stephen L. D’Andrilli Americans must smoke out renegade Congressional Republicans and force action on Independent Counsel Reauthorization Act of 2016, H.R. 5271. Hillary Opera Won’t Be Over ‘Till Fat Lady … [Read more...]



Basic Two Person Blizzard and Ice Storm Kit Each year, blizzards and ice storms wreak havoc upon the East Coast of the United States, although they can happen anywhere where cold conditions are present. Blizzards and ice storms are both capable of … [Read more...]

Wednesday on Shooting USA: USPSA Single Stack Nationals

Smith & Wesson’s Julie Golob competes at the USPSA Single Stack Nationals in Illinois. Shooting USAUSA – ( – It’s classic pistol competition as Colonel Jeff Cooper first created the combat sport. More than 400 USPSA … [Read more...]

NRAstore ‘Thin Blue Line’ T-Shirt raises $39,000 for law enforcement

NRAstore has donated $39,000 to the NRA Foundation’s Law Enforcement Endowment, all from profits from sales of the store’s exclusive “Thin Blue Line” T-Shirt.NRAstore has donated $39,000 to the NRA Foundation’s Law Enforcement Endowment, all from … [Read more...]

This and That

My son tells me that CNN has finally decided it has to say something about the Clinton foundation, what with how important it seems to be and all. About time.Speaking of my son, he also reacted to my comparison of Trump with Caesar. "Not so much … [Read more...]

Tackle and Field Announces Their 3rd Annual Outdoor Expo

Tackle and Field Annual Outdoor Expo Tackle and FieldWanaque, NJ -( Tackle and Field will be hosting their 3rd Annual Outdoor Expo on August 27 from 10 AM to 5 PM and August 28 from 10 AM to 3 PM.Tackle & Field will have … [Read more...]

Storing Water Part 1: The Most Forgotten Food Storage Item

While you’ve been busy accumulating your food storage, you might have been putting off the one, most important essential: Water. That’s understandable. After all, there’s plenty of water coming out of your tap right now; availability is not a … [Read more...]

Shooting Illustrated Checks out the Awesome Nighthawk Custom Hi Power

Shooting Illustrated – September 2016 issue Shooting IllustratedFairfax, VA -( NRA members who receive Shooting Illustrated as their magazine will get a close look at the Browning Hi Power—as updated and upgraded by Nighthawk … [Read more...]

Increase Accuracy with New Alliant Powder Reloder 16 Rifle Powder

Increase Accuracy with New Alliant Powder Reloder 16 Rifle Powder Vista OutdoorRADFORD, Virginia –-( Alliant Powder, a leading manufacturer of smokeless powders, offers consistent long-range accuracy across temperature extremes … [Read more...]