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Checklist for Workplace Disaster Management- Preparing for the Possible

Employers, who want to establish a safe and healthy working environment, need to be aware of the many hazards posed to workers. Employee injuries or fatalities, even in extreme situations such as fire, severe weather or acts of workplace violence, … [Read more...]

Sanitation and Hygiene During an Emergency

During an emergency, it is important to keep yourself healthy (for the sake of your own survival). The best way to maintain health is to keep yourself and your living area clean and sanitary—poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions can cause … [Read more...]

Thinking the Unthinkable: Who Will Die Within the First 24 Hours?


Who will Die within the first twenty-four hours from a CME or EMP attack when the energy pulse fries all electronic circuits and brings down the power grid? In the first 24 hours, hundreds of thousands of Americans will die within minutes of the … [Read more...]

Worth the Wheat

What is nutritious, versatile, affordable, and stores great? Why, it’s wheat! We are continuing our preparedness journey by stopping at a few very important landmarks. One important stop will be the wonderful world of wheat! This amazing grain is a … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned vol 3: Stephanie Survived the 2005 London Bombing


I was a student at the University of London, scraping my way through school by working as a software tester in a building on Tavistock Square. On July 7, 2005, London was attacked by suicide bombers who set off explosions in the London Underground … [Read more...]

Pain Relievers Found in Nature

10 Natural Remedies that Work

In an emergency, when drug stores or pharmacies may be closed, it might not be easy to get medications for an upset stomach, the common cold, or other illnesses. Of course you can store these important medications in your emergency kit. But what … [Read more...]

Guardian 4 Shelf First Aid Kit Product Review


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15 Awesome Underground Bunker Designs


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Nuclear Crisis 2011: The Major Accident at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant – Reactor Training Manual, Complete Chronicle of Events and Radiation Releases from the TEPCO Japanese Power Station


This combination ebook provides comprehensive coverage of the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station along with our reproduction of the BWR nuclear power plant reactor training manual from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission with … [Read more...]

Ultimate Preparedness Library


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Bug In


Basic Two Person Bug In Kit Most of the time, the best course of action during a disaster situation is simply to bug in, or remain inside your home. Your home, assuming it is undamaged, provides the best chance for your survival, mainly because … [Read more...]


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101 Survival Uses for Paracord Uses PLUS Paracord video

Ever wanted to know what amazing things you can do with Paracord? Well wonder no longer. Featured below is a video showing you the basics of this amazing survival tool. It’ll show you how to treat it, release the inner strands, and … [Read more...]

Survival Shelters


There will come a time when having the knowledge of building a shelter will save your life and the lives of your family. Whether surviving lost in the wilderness or after a disaster when your home is destroyed, knowing how to build a safe and sturdy … [Read more...]

3 Emergencies in 30 Days where Solar Power Would’ve Helped


At the beginning of March, a pole fire caused a 7-8 hour power outage for many residents of Orem, UT—one of which was me. As my husband and I scrambled in the dark trying to find our spare flashlights, I quickly realized that we were not as prepared … [Read more...]

Stormproof Matches


In an emergency situation I am the type of person who would lose all my matches in the black hole of my emergency kit. After digging around in my pack I would find that one glorious match! I’d light it and watch in amazement as it blazes and flickers … [Read more...]

How to Purify Water with Bleach


This article will instruct you on how to purify water with bleach. If boiling water takes too much time and energy there are other ways to purify water. While purification tablets make the most sense, if you are thrown into a survival scenario – you … [Read more...]

Water, Water, Everywhere: The Importance of Water Storage


Every cell in our bodies contains water, and we need a constant supply to stay alive and healthy. We can do without food for a surprising period of time if we must, but we survive only a few days—3 to 4 in hot weather—without water. When we are … [Read more...]

Here We Go… IS Hillary About to Cheat in the Debates? “Wearing an Earpiece” Not Prohibited

  This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple. Editor’s Comment: Let those with ears to hear understand this message. If Hillary needs help remembering a name or a key talking point, or carefully … [Read more...]

Hillary “Hires Psychologists To Undermine Trump”… Just As CIA Does In Assessing Egos of Foreign Adversaries

Thinking Like Trump: The idea for this illustration came from viewing Peter Yang’s iconic portrait of Trump as the Thinker. Credit where it is due. Hillary Clinton is preparing for the presidential debates in a unique way. She isn’t … [Read more...]

The Katadyn Vario Details


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Putin Checks NATO Nukes With Thermonuclear ICBMs: “Forced to Neutralize Developing Threats to Russia”

This article was written by Kurt Nimmo and originally published at his Another Day in the Empire site. Editor’s Comment: And so the game intensifies. The aggression of the war hawks and neocons has forced confrontation with Russia. Patience is … [Read more...]

A Weird Way Snow Shovels Will Make Free Energy All Year Long

One of the things most people think about when they they think of SHTF scenarios is getting some alternative sources of power together. Some turn to solar, others turns to generators that run off of gas, or some other fuel source. The problem … [Read more...]

Home Canning: Ensuring Safe Food Storage


There was a time when colorful jars of home-canned fruits and vegetables lined most everyone’s basement shelves. Canning was a normal part of the harvest season – those jars of preserved summer crops made the budget stretch and added a little warm … [Read more...]

Could the Elite Be Dumping Hillary? “Even the Deep State Needs Consent of the Governed”

Political Illustration: Branco, This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at his Of Two Minds blog. Editor’s Comment: There is no question that Hillary is a completely-aligned elitist … [Read more...]

Survival Skills 101: The Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.).

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Military Cookbook

While searching for mess kit recipes I stumbled across Link: So I scrolled down to "beef,chipped" which is card L 052 00. So I entered that into a google search and guess what? Link: … [Read more...]

Alive After Crisis


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“Before They Exchange Blows”: Economic Facts Americans Should Remember in Trump-Clinton Debate

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog. Editor’s Comment: This debate will be about the epic clash of personalities, and the dramatic fight to the death between the old establishment … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget Your Emergency Kit


Bruce Barton, a well known writer, once said “When I think of what tremendous consequences come from little things, I am tempted to think, there are no little things.” Many people have taken the time to purchase emergency supplies for themselves and … [Read more...]

Adventures in Solar Cooking Part 1


You may have noticed in this month's catalog a new product: The SOS Sport Solar Oven. We are all really excited about this product over here and can't wait to try it out. So stay tuned this week as we post about all of the tasty things we will make … [Read more...]

Survival Tactics And Training – Or Die!

Being able to defend yourself and your home from a threat is something that every person should know how to do. Survival training can mean the difference between life and death, and when you’re prepared to defend yourself you stand a better chance of … [Read more...]

Preserve Food By Using A Solar Food Dehydrator

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Alternative Transportation: Bug Out Vehicle


Looking for a great Bug out Vehicle idea? To go along with our post on last mile transportation vehicles, we wanted to share a DIY Bug out vehicle that our customer Kevin White created. If you are interested in using alternative transportation in … [Read more...]

Anatomy of an Automatic Knife


Automatic knives are designed primarily for Military, Police and EMT duty, these knives are simple to open in an emergency. This is done by pushing a firing button or pulling a lever. Check the laws in your area before purchasing an automatic knife, … [Read more...]

Wilderness Navigation For Dummies: 15 Hacks To Get Yourself Out And To Find Your Way Without GPS: (How to Navigate in the Wilderness, Mountaineers Outdoor Basics) (Prepper’s Guide, Survival Guide)


Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion. Wilderness Navigation for Dummies: (FREE Bonus Included) 15 Hacks To Get Yourself Out And To Find Your Way Without GPS With … [Read more...]

3 Crucial Prepping Tips

Not too sure what you need in order to consider yourself “prepped” for whatever may happen next? A lot of people are confused about what they will need to survive. These prepping tips are here just for that reason! There are many things you will … [Read more...]

The Bear Necessities: Resources for Surviving a Bear Attack


Were you as surprised as I was when you came across the recent story of a bear attacking a woman in Florida? We get a little used to that sort of story out west, but I don’t generally think of the suburbs of Orlando as prime bear country. Shows how … [Read more...]

5 Forgotten ‘Antique Tools’ You Better Store For Uncertain Times

Image source: Wikipedia The march of progress and the changing demands of an increasingly industrialized world without frontiers has changed the tools we use, but that does not mean all have lost their utility. For the survivalist, homesteader or … [Read more...]

The Underground, Hidden House That Cost Only $100 To Build — ‘It’s Like A Little Fort’

Image source: YouTube Part hobo, part hobbit and part trendsetter, Dan Price was living the tiny house lifestyle long before the tiny house movement gained momentum. A professional news photographer for 10 years, Price says he began his search for a … [Read more...]

The REAL Signs of Drowning


“Help! Help, I’m drowning!” That’s what most of us expect from a drowning person, along with splashing and waving arms. These are signs of “aquatic distress,” in which the person recognizes that they are in danger—but they are not yet drowning. … [Read more...]

Involving Kids in Emergency Preparedness


Here are some ways to help kids become involved in emergency preparedness: Have kids draw an exit plan for their room and put it on their wall (like at a hotel). Talk about where to go at different times (Tommy, you’re in the kitchen and a spark … [Read more...]

Vehicle Gear #1 A Conceptual Discussion

Our recent post Urban E&E/ Get Home Kit got me thinking about this. It also works conveniently because that is the current push in my personal preparations. My initial goal was to beef up the first aid kit there but I decided it was as good a … [Read more...]

Insider Warren Buffet Knows A Massive Crash Is Coming: “Has $70 Billion On The Sidelines… Clearly Anticipating The Biggest Buying Opportunity Of His Life”

With the U.S. stock market near all-time highs and financial pundits touting the miracles of economic recovery, investors would have to be totally insane to not be snapping up as many stocks as they can get their hands on. But if America’s … [Read more...]

Emergency Fire Safety


The following information is taken from A fire can engulf a structure in a matter of minutes. Understanding the basic characteristics of fire and learning the proper safety practices can be the key to … [Read more...]

Aquaponic Gardening: What is it?


Photo Courtesy of Backyard Aquaponics What is Aquaponics and why should you incorporate it into your preparedness plans? Aquaponics is the practice of raising fish and vegetables together in a symbiotic relationship. In other words, it is the … [Read more...]

Can you brave the winter storms?

Thousands of commuters in the South were stranded en route Tuesday and into Wednesday because of snowy conditions during an unexpected winter storm. Many spent 10-12 hours in their vehicles, trying to conserve gas, power, and warmth. Others took … [Read more...]

2016 Debate Preparation: Round One ~ VIDEO

By Newt Gingrich 2016 Debate Preparation: Round One ~ VIDEO Newt GingrichUSA – -( With the first Clinton-Trump presidential debate coming up Monday night, a lot of people have asked me about debate preparation.I have been … [Read more...]

The Yellowstone Super Volcano–Are you Prepared?

Yellowstone Volcano More than Twice as Big as Expected A sleeping giant lies gently snoring in the northwestern quadrant of the United States—the Yellowstone Super Volcano. Researchers from the University of Utah recently determined its magma … [Read more...]

Are You Designated As A “Super Gun Owner” And Will You Soon Be Targeted For Disarmament?

Isoroku Yamamoto was the fleet admiral of the Japanese Imperial Navy during World War II and was reportedly quoted as saying that you cannot invade the mainland of the United States because “there would be a rifle behind every blade of … [Read more...]

Kaito AC/DC Powerpack Product Review


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AR-15 Podcast 183 – JL Billet

DeKalb, Illinois – Reed and Chris host episode 183 of the AR-15 Podcast. As always, the cast and crew seek to bring you the most from the firearms industry from personalities to manufacturers. This week, they are happy to have Jamie from JL … [Read more...]

Emergency Preparedness On A Budget

If you’ve been paying attention to the world you live in, you know that catastrophic events can happen without notice. In the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic event, would you know how to survive and do you know how to prepare for an … [Read more...]

AR-15 Podcast 182 -Gun Shop Nightmares

DeKalb, Illinois – Chris and J.D. bring you episode 182 of the AR-15 Podcast. This week, they bring you an episode on gunshop nightmares, straight from the mouths of those who live them during the course of their everyday business. Joseph from … [Read more...]

Urban Street Survival by TheUrbanPrepper

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New Year’s Eve: Stay Safe and Have Fun

As the New Year rolls in, start it off right by staying safe during your New Year’s Eve festivities. Whether you plan to celebrate at home, around town, or in Times Square, make sure you prep for any emergency that might happen while you’re out … [Read more...]

Survival MD


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How to Cook Fish over a Campfire

Learn how to cook fish over a campfire from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast. … [Read more...]

Living Off The Grid And Loving It: 40 Creative Ways To Living A Stress Free And Self-Sustaining Lifestyle (Simple Living, Off Grid Living, Off The Grid Homes, DIY Survival Guide, Prepping & Survival)


Discover 40 Creative Ways To Living A Stress Free And Self-Sustaining Lifestyle!You’re about to discover 40 proven steps and strategies on how to live off the grid without causing yourself a ton of stress. This book is all about living off of the … [Read more...]

Meals Without Wheels


A recent study funded by the Meals on Wheels organization revealed that 5 million senior Americans, that’s almost 12% of the senior population, face hunger every day. Half of those 5 million are living above the federal poverty line and two thirds of … [Read more...]