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Survival Guide: Weapons and Tools: Primitive Equipment For Hunting, Fishing, And Self Defense (Homemade Weapons and Tools Book 3)


How To Create Basic Weapons For Hunting, Fishing, And Self Defense ** Now on its Second Edition! ** Have you ever wondered what would happen if... You could not rely on modern technology to obtain food? You had to create fishing and hunting … [Read more...]

First Aid for Allergic Reactions


You’re enjoying dinner in a nice restaurant. Suddenly your lips and tongue are tingling and you begin to feel dizzy and anxious. Breathing becomes labored. What’s happening to you? Chances are you’re having an allergic reaction to something in your … [Read more...]

Drinkable Water from Plant Condensation


Finding water in a survival situation is the highest priority and can sometimes prove to be rather difficult. You have to turn to your surroundings to find ways to produce water that is safe to drink even if it’s in small quantities. Water from plant … [Read more...]

DIY Tent Lamp


I love ingenuity – how cool is this improvised tent lamp? Really cool, right? It reminded me of this video, Plastic Bottles Light Up Homes in Manilla Slums, which really moved me. I love invention. It’s so great when someone comes up with a money and … [Read more...]

Grain and Legume Storage

When it comes to the storage of grains and legumes that include beans, corn, oats, rice, wheat, etc. for your survival food stores, there are some basic rules to follow. When storing them for the best and longest shelf life possible, store them … [Read more...]

Caring for your Tent


In a survival situation, your tent will protect you from the elements and may be your primary form of shelter. So the last thing you want to find during an emergency or camping trip is a tear, broken pole, or mildew growth because you didn’t clean or … [Read more...]

Survival MD


[Read more...]

Portable Pack Preparedness


Is your family ready for an emergency evacuation? Having backpacks or other easily-carried supply packs for each member of your family will help you evacuate with more confidence and less anxiety. Are you unsure about what to include in an emergency … [Read more...]

Evacuating from Home in an Emergency

Unfortunately, there are times when an emergency evacuation from your home is absolutely necessary. When the time to evacuate comes, make sure you’re prepared with the information and emergency supplies you need. Here are some questions and … [Read more...]

Food Storage: Insurance You Can Eat


We use insurance to hedge against risk of loss in many aspects of our lives. We buy health insurance in case of injury or illness. We buy auto insurance in case of an accident. We buy life insurance to ensure our loved ones are provided for should we … [Read more...]



Basic Two Person Pandemic Kit Pandemics can occur anytime, any place. Usually, they involve a highly contagious virus that’s transmitted from person to person via close airborne contact – these are viruses like bird and swine flu, to name but a … [Read more...]



Basic Two Person Tornado / Hurricane Kit Do you live in an area that’s prone to tornadoes or Hurricanes? Among all other land based disasters, tornadoes and hurricanes have the potential to cause some of the most serious damage. Tornadoes can … [Read more...]

Discover the Best Water Treatment System for You


Whether you’re on the go, having an outdoor adventure, or in an emergency, make sure you stay hydrated with refreshing, clean water. But remember that water isn’t always just water. Often times, if you find your water source in the outdoors while … [Read more...]

Your Survival Grubstake

Having a “Survival Grubstake” on hand in your home and/or at your survival retreat will mean the difference between life and death. What is a Survival Grubstake? It is all your food, gear, guns & ammo, provisions, seeds, supplies, etc., gathered … [Read more...]

5-minute Evacuation

My wife and I recently celebrated our 18th anniversary at a local bed and breakfast. While eating breakfast we met a very nice lady from Santa Barbara. She is a ballet dance instructor at UCSB and was in town for a regional dance competition. I asked … [Read more...]

Building a hydroponics system can be easy, cheap and fun…


You do not need all the fancy equipment, you don’t need a lot of money, and no real skill is required, anyone can build their own hydroponic system or garden in their own home for little to no money, from items most people already have. Just image … [Read more...]

Survival Preparedness Basics

Survival preparedness is something that many people take for granted. Some people wait for news alerts or mass panic to begin before they start doing something to ensure their safety and the safety of their family and loved ones. Some people who are … [Read more...]

Raise Rabbits as Food Storage


Have you ever thought about expanding your food storage to include raising livestock? Perhaps you’re interested in increasing your home food production? Given that many of us live in suburban neighborhoods where there are zoning restrictions, space … [Read more...]

Fire Extinguisher Basics

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home? Do you know how to use it? If you’ll learn about fire extinguishers, buy one (or more), try using a fire extinguisher, and then maintain your fire extinguisher, you will be able to put out small fires … [Read more...]

Preparedness Checklist

Survival Planning & Preparation Do you have your survival planning and preparation in place? What if you and your family were to experience a catastrophe...a disaster such as a Hurricane, Earthquake, Tornado, Wildfire, Blizzard or other natural … [Read more...]

Be CERT-ain you’re Prepared with CERT


CERT stands for “Community Emergency Response Teams.” The program was first developed by the Los Angeles Fire Department in 1985 to train civilians and private or government employees to be able to help in case of earthquakes. It was successful, and … [Read more...]

Today Show Takes Action


After its bouts with big storms, disaster prep in New York City is going mainstream. The TODAY Show is doing its part to get people thinking about preparedness; several months ago they partnered with the Ad Council to create a series of public … [Read more...]

Solar Impulse: Traveling the World in a Solar Airplane


Follow Emergency Essentials on Twitter Visit the Emergency Essentials Facebook Page Visit the Be Prepared Pinterest Board Visit the Preparedness Pantry Blog SOLAR IMPULSE: TRAVELING THE WORLD IN A SOLAR AIRPLANE JULY 18, … [Read more...]

Picking a Good Survival Knife

Picking a Good Survival Knife

I’ve been thinking about knives lately. I really don’t know much about them, myself. Kitchen knives, a good utility knife for projects around the house, and an X-acto knife for craft projects are about the extent of my experience. So when I decided … [Read more...]

Meals Without Wheels


A recent study funded by the Meals on Wheels organization revealed that 5 million senior Americans, that’s almost 12% of the senior population, face hunger every day. Half of those 5 million are living above the federal poverty line and two thirds of … [Read more...]

Preparing Stored Food 101


Grinding grain and soaking beans for emergency food storage is fun, right? Not so much. We’ve done it and we’ve learned that on the occasions that we need to use our food insurance it’s because we’ve got better things to do, whether it’s hitting … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned: Kirsten Survived a Four-Day Blackout


In the summer of 2005 Kirsten and her family experienced a four-day power outage caused by lightning striking the area transformer. Here’s what she had to say about it. My husband and I thought we were prepared for a "common disaster". We were … [Read more...]

Emergency Showers: 3 Great Set Ups


Have you ever thought about your … ahem … personal hygiene during an emergency? In your quest to secure enough food and water for an emergency don’t forget to purchase supplies to keep yourself clean. Taking a shower during an emergency provides you … [Read more...]

50+ Wilderness Survival Tips!


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22 Awesome Bug Out Vehicles for When the SHTF


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Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Statue Monument in Washington DC

Martin Luther King, Jr. understood how important it is for mankind to be a brotherhood and work together. I would like to take four principles from the following two quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. and apply them to emergency … [Read more...]

DIY: Ceiling Fan Wind Turbine


To view all of the instructions to build your own wind turbine, please enter your name and e-mail address below: … [Read more...]

Solar Disinfection


Using the sun’s ultraviolet rays as a purification tool depends on the amount and the intensity of the sun light where you are. Solar disinfection is more than likely a last resort method if indeed you have no way to boil or add chemicals to your … [Read more...]

Dry Spring: The Coming Water Crisis of North America


As it warms, our world is running out of fresh water — fast. Lakes, aquifers and rivers are disappearing, but we consume more than ever. What will this mean for North Americans? The scarcity of water challenges the soaring success of some of our … [Read more...]

A Primer on Preppers


Check out this great article entitled "Stop Demonizing Preppers." Whether you self-identify as a "prepper" or not, you will surely be able to recognize some of the false stereotypes the author talks about. A great article that shows not all preppers … [Read more...]

Prepping in an Urban Setting

If you live in an urban setting and you want to get prepared for emergencies, you face some unique challenges. You should start with the basics like everyone else—water first, emergency kits second, food storage next, then other supplies—but you … [Read more...]

Water Restrictions Making you Blue?


On Friday, June 28th, Lindon, Utah, a town of about 10,348 inhabitants, issued a drinking water restriction for its residents because an E. coli outbreak was discovered in the city’s water system. Since Emergency Essentials headquarters is located in … [Read more...]

Arch Coal Hones Emergency Preparedness Skills with Mine Emergency Response Drill

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When Lightning Strikes


Thunderstorms are common any time of the year. They can occur without much warning. One minute the skies could be blue, with fluffy white clouds scudding across them, when all of a sudden a big black thunderhead could come rolling in, bringing with … [Read more...]

Preparing for Winter Storms


Winter storms have a thousand ways of interrupting dinner. Power outages are common as ice builds up on power lines, car slide-offs regularly take out transformers, deep snow and ice can either keep you or supply trucks from getting to the store and … [Read more...]


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Raised Garden Boxes


People are turning more to growing their own food in a homestead garden rather than purchasing from grocery stores. Pesticides and chemicals used to protect crops from bugs and help preserve veggies in transit are part of a growing health concern. … [Read more...]

Emergency Warmth


Suffering from cold temperatures can be discomforting and potentially dangerous, especially in an emergency we can prepare ourselves to handle cold weather. Emergency Warmth There are a number of ways to accomplish this and based upon your needs, … [Read more...]

MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) Shelf Life


Originally designed for the U.S. government, MREs—or Meals Ready to Eat—are compact pouches that contain delicious, ready-to-eat foods. The U.S. Space Program, Military, Forest Service, and FEMA have used MREs since the 1970s. In more recent years, … [Read more...]

Field Supply

Click The Store Name To Shop … [Read more...]

Preparing the Family Pet for an Emergency


Getting your family prepared for emergencies should be your first preparedness concern, but what about the family pet? Once you are sure that your family is prepared for any disaster that may occur in your area, turn to the task of preparing your … [Read more...]

Outdoor Cooking Tips


Cooking out in the open is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. It is also a wonderful way to prepare your family for emergencies by learning how to cook without electricity. Outdoor cooking can involve elaborate Dutch-oven meals or simple tinfoil … [Read more...]

First Aid Basics: How to Perform CPR


CPR stands for Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, and is used to re-start heart and lung function in a victim who has collapsed and has no obvious breathing or pulse. Older man oerforming CPR on a young man. The old CPR guidelines were easily … [Read more...]

Water Storage Innovation


You've just read about a new desalination technology. We've got a new water technology of our own at Emergency Essentials. A monster of a water storage container. I’m not kidding—it’s huge. It holds 160 gallons of water (that’s the equivalent of … [Read more...]

Product Review – Yoder’s Canned Bacon


This week's featured product is Yoder's Canned Bacon. Have delicious bacon with these easy-to-store cans. We've taste tested it and loved it! Yoder's Canned Bacon will make a great addition to your food storage. Heat pasteurized in a sealed … [Read more...]

Mr. Lincoln’s Brown Water Navy: The Mississippi Squadron (The American Crisis Series: Books on the Civil War Era)


The Union inland navy that became the Mississippi Squadron is one of the greatest, yet least studied aspects of the Civil War. Without it, however, the war in the West may not have been won, and the war in the East might have lasted much longer and … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Aquaponics


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How to Make a Home Survival Kit

With the possibility of some catastrophic event taking place in today's modern world it is imperative that families ready themselves for the conditions that would follow. You should plan ahead and know where you will get fresh drinking water or food … [Read more...]

10 Year Sprouting Test


One of our customers, Walt, shared his experience with sprouting 10 year old sprouting seeds. We thought you might be interested to hear how it went. “(I) purchased (sprouting seeds) in 1999 just in case Y2K took a dive. I opened the alfalfa seeds … [Read more...]

Early Tornado Warning Saved Lives


At any time, a natural disaster can strike without any warning. Preparation for any type of emergency, but especially for a natural disaster, can and will pay off in the event one comes to your town. Mother Nature reached out with her fickle hand … [Read more...]

Sunburns—a not so minor injury


Often when we think of burn injuries, our minds jump to fire burns, electrical burns, etc. But how many of us forget about “simple” sunburns? (Well, “simple” may be an understatement.) Although the sun doesn’t seem too dangerous shining from light … [Read more...]

Food Crisis? No Problem!


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Bug out get home 72 hour emergency 3 day urban wilderness survival edc bag kit

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My Diabetes Emergency Plan


At the end of 2012, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) estimated that 22.3 million people were living with type 1 or type 2 Diabetes in the United States. In fact, Dr. John Anderson of the ADA states, “I know of no other disease that is … [Read more...]

Alternative Transportation: Bug Out Vehicle


Looking for a great Bug out Vehicle idea? To go along with our post on last mile transportation vehicles, we wanted to share a DIY Bug out vehicle that our customer Kevin White created. If you are interested in using alternative transportation in … [Read more...]