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How to use a Siphon Hose


Imagine this… You’ve been storing water over the past few years, sealed safe and sound in the 55-Gallon Water Storage Barrel, but an emergency just turned the world upside down. There’s barely any water left in the state, let alone your city, and … [Read more...]

DIY: Ceiling Fan Wind Turbine


To view all of the instructions to build your own wind turbine, please enter your name and e-mail address below: … [Read more...]

Emergency Fire Safety


The following information is taken from A fire can engulf a structure in a matter of minutes. Understanding the basic characteristics of fire and learning the proper safety practices can be the key to … [Read more...]

Poison Prevention


The Poison control number for anywhere in the country: 1-800-222-1222 In 1999, poison control centers in the United States reported approximately 2.2 million poison exposures, 873 of which resulted in death. These cases most often involve young … [Read more...]

Kaito KA009R Emergency Hand Crank Radio Product Review


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Dive Bar Heat: A Grant’s Bar Romance (Grant’s Bar Nights Book 1)


Alice has no luck with love. She spends her nights in a dive bar surrounded by men, none of them dating material. They’re good for a chat and a joke but she sees them as friends, not as potential partners. Then the owner of the bar arrives and he … [Read more...]

When Mountain Lions Attack


You’re hiking in the Colorado Rockies, enjoying the fresh air and just-rising sun, when suddenly you hear a snarl from a tree above you. Your blood chills. What is it? A bear, a mountain lion, a bobcat? How can you tell, and how should you react? You … [Read more...]

Light During an Emergency


Light sources are important for any emergency preparedness plan. Children and individuals with special needs especially need light not just to see, but also to feel safe. Preparedness experts recommend having several emergency light sources … [Read more...]

Baby Steps: Make Room for Your Food and Supply Storage


While you are updating your emergency kits during your spring cleaning, don’t forget to clear out some space to store your food and emergency supplies. But we know that's easier said than done . . . Have you ever felt like no matter what size home … [Read more...]

Blade HQ


[Read more...]

Child Safety


Disasters can cause panic, fear, and greatly traumatize those involved. Preparation for these conditions ahead of time can minimize the stress of the event, and promote safety for you and your children. father daughter Whether a disaster occurs … [Read more...]

The Handgun Sling – The Future Of Concealed Handgun Holsters

ahahhaha this: I literally had no idea what was going on up until the half way point… then I just COULDN’T EVEN lolol.  You’ll see what I mean. Really nice that to use this thing you need to put your hands in front of the barrel … [Read more...]

Indian Army Recruitment Video Delivers

Wow this is really well done.  Flex India flex: Hmmm India operates!  Who knew?  (Naturally, most of you guys probably did know) Great footage, fitting music… this has it all.  I don’t have much experience with Indian cinematography … [Read more...]

The Cultural Diversity Of The Magpul PMAG

5.56… no matter the color: haha Mike Lamb and Panty-Oh delivered it on this one. The dyeable mags were a good idea for them to release.  People love customization. Thoughts? Gat tip: Tim The Cultural Diversity Of The Magpul PMAG originally … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Heat your MRE


On a campout, on-the-go, or in an emergency, Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) are a great way to get the nutrition and energy you need while you’re away from home. MRE’s are great because you can eat them absolutely any way you want. MREs are pre-cooked … [Read more...]

How to Tell If You’re Having a Heart Attack


Would you know how to recognize the signs of a heart attack if you or someone you know was having one? Over a million people have a heart attack every year. About half of those will die, and many more will suffer permanent heart muscle damage. The … [Read more...]

Grain and Legume Storage

When it comes to the storage of grains and legumes that include beans, corn, oats, rice, wheat, etc. for your survival food stores, there are some basic rules to follow. When storing them for the best and longest shelf life possible, store them … [Read more...]

Storing Water Part 5: Where You Gonna Put All That Water?

You’ll want to read the first four entries in this series first, beginning with Part 1 which is here. Part 2 is here, Part 3 is here, and part 4 is here. One of the biggest questions on most people’s minds is “How much water do I need to … [Read more...]

From the Desk of John Rourke – August 31st, 2015

Ben Carson is gaining in the polls. I like it. I like that there are several candidates in the running that are NOT career politicians. For years people have said they wished a non-politician would run. Well – here we are. ? ? ? ? ? Just picked … [Read more...]

“Fear the Walking Dead” Episode 1 and 2 Review

The Walking Dead TV series has been one of the hottest phenomenons to hit entertainment in years. Why? Don’t know. Guess it is the combination of story lines within show. There is suspense, action, thrills – and even a little romance now … [Read more...]

My bucket list…….

Back in 2011 I wrote about my bucket list. In case you don’t know – a Bucket List is a list of things that you want to do before you…..”kick the bucket“. There was a movie called Bucket List that was pretty good – … [Read more...]

Pause Before Reacting – You’ll Make Better Choices

Ask any expert what the most important part of preparing for an emergency is and they will tell you it is staying calm when everything and everyone around you is chaotic. Some people think staying calm in tense or unexpected situations is a gift; … [Read more...]

Survival Skills 101: Time To Bug Out! The Perfect Bug Out Vehicle?

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First Aid for Choking


If you’ve ever choked on something, even momentarily, you know what a panicky feeling it can be. If you notice someone is having difficulty breathing, appears to be choking, or is giving the universal sign for choking (shown below), take the … [Read more...]

How Prepared is Your Car?


In light of the recent debacle in Georgia, when a dusting of snow over ice locked up roadways across the state, one local insurance company set out to see how prepared their city’s citizens were. According to, the “junk in the … [Read more...]

Duracell 1800 Watt Powerpack Product Review


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Inflatable Shelters May Help during Long-Term Emergencies


“In tough circumstances, sometimes all you need is hope. “…but other times you need a blow-up survival shelter featuring a bed, a couch, freeze-dried food, a 50-gallon water bladder, a first-aid kit, a radio and a cookstove.” According to … [Read more...]

Car Preparedness and Safety Tips


The following is a recommendation of items to put into an emergency car kit: Water for drinking and cooking Food and snacks (compressed high energy snack bars are excellent because of their ability to withstand most car temperatures) Flashlight … [Read more...]

Dying for a Drop: Impact of the Use of Bottled Water on World Economies


The accessibility to drinking water has improved quite dramatically over the past century, particularly in North America. One major source of drinking water for people is tap water, although tap water has been associated with some major health … [Read more...]

Earthquakes and your Mental Health


After a 4.4 magnitude earthquake shook California residents on St. Patrick’s Day, many people have found it difficult to shake their high-strung nerves, according to CBS Los Angeles’ article, “‘Earthquake Nerves’ could Impact Mental … [Read more...]

Fire Season Safety and Preparedness Tips


Wildfire season has already started, and high-profile fires have already started in California and Colorado in the last several weeks. This news article gives great tips and suggestions for preventing wildfires and house fires—practical tips, and … [Read more...]

Tagged! SHTF Skills

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Popular Mechanics 20 Survival Tips for How Not to Die . . .


According to Popular Mechanics’s recent article, “How Not to Die: 20 Survival Tips You Must Know,” “accidents are the leading cause of death among U.S. men 18 to 50 years old.” What’s most surprising about this article is that many of the … [Read more...]

Preparedness Tips: Portable Generators Need Maintenance?!


A portable generator is a pretty handy accessory to have in your emergency preparedness supplies. Imagine trying to save your refrigerated and frozen food from going bad when the power is knocked out during a hurricane or thunderstorm. If you have a … [Read more...]

When Lightning Strikes


Thunderstorms are common any time of the year. They can occur without much warning. One minute the skies could be blue, with fluffy white clouds scudding across them, when all of a sudden a big black thunderhead could come rolling in, bringing with … [Read more...]

Baby Steps: DIY Felted Wool Dryer Balls


Looking for a unique DIY present? Why not give the gift of soft, sweet-smelling laundry all year long . . . (and no, we unfortunately don’t sell a laundry-scented 100-hour candle . . .) Last summer, we wrote a post about how to make DIY Laundry … [Read more...]

Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern Review

By Justin Stakes An Ultra Portable & Brilliant Option for the Outdoor Enthusiast on the Go Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern Review AmmoLand Gun News California -( With autumn upon us, new hunting and camping gear is … [Read more...]

Kaito KA006 Hand Crank Emergency Radio w/ Flashlight Product Review


Click Here To Get The Kaito KA006 Hand Crank Emergency Radio w/ Flashlight ! If you liked this post, subscribe below with your name and best email to get more survival tips! … [Read more...]

Emotional Aftershocks: Handling Feelings after a Disaster


Experiencing Emotional Aftershocks Just like aftershocks can follow an earthquake, traumatic stress reactions are like emotional “aftershocks” that we may experience following a personal, community, or national disaster. Symptoms may begin … [Read more...]

Emergency Essentials monthly sale for August – ALMOST OVER!!

Almost over the August special sale from Emergency Essentials. This month the sale focuses on Mountain House Freeze Dried Food. I have put back a substantial amount of common, everyday foods and am now focusing on Mountain House freeze dried … [Read more...]

Natural Treatments for Blisters and Itching


It’s that time of year again: you’re enjoying the great outdoors when you notice a “hot spot” on your foot (it’s a blister), and then you realize that your arm is itchy—likely from contact with an unidentified plant. This isn’t going to happen every … [Read more...]

Preparedness Skills: Home Canning Methods

When canning at home, the most important thing to remember is that products containing vegetables, poultry, meats, fish, or seafood must be canned in a pressure canner. Fruit, pickles, jams, jellies, pickles, sauerkraut, marlamades, and fruit butters … [Read more...]

Sanitation and Hygiene During an Emergency

During an emergency, it is important to keep yourself healthy (for the sake of your own survival). The best way to maintain health is to keep yourself and your living area clean and sanitary—poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions can cause … [Read more...]

Preparedness and a Job Loss or Financial Disaster

A disaster can come in many forms, some you might not even think of. Most people think that a disaster affects a large area and a large number of people. Generally speaking, it usually does, but some disasters can be very personal. A personal … [Read more...]

Benjamin R. Tucker: The Relation of the State to the Individual

In this Episode of Classics of Liberty, Caleb O. Brown reads excerpts from Benjamin Tucker’s speech on the parasitic and inherently agressive nature of the state. Originally given to the Unitarian Ministers’ Institute in 1890, Tucker explores … [Read more...]

The Relation of the State to the Individual: Excerpts

At the end of the nineteenth century, the publisher and polemicist Benjamin R. Tucker became one of the leading exponents of libertarianism—perhaps the leading exponent. Published for almost thirty years, his journal Liberty championed a uniquely … [Read more...]

Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide


[Read more...]

Aquaponics: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Aquaponics for Beginners in 45 Minutes or Less! (Aquaponics – Aquaponic Gardening – Aquaponics for Beginners … Aquaponics Books – Gardening for Beginners)


Create Your Own Aquaponics System Today! Learn everything you need to know about creating your own aquaponics system at home! This book is for anyone who is interesting in using aquaponics to grow their own plants and fish in their back yard. It … [Read more...]

Fire Extinguisher Basics

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home? Do you know how to use it? If you’ll learn about fire extinguishers, buy one (or more), try using a fire extinguisher, and then maintain your fire extinguisher, you will be able to put out small fires … [Read more...]

Sig Sauer Academy 140 Acres Of Legitness

Daaaaaaaaaaamn Sig must be doing alright! 0:38 – Homie peed with excitement all over that shoot house. 9/10 would operate there.  I deducted a point because he didn’t specify those bodies of water had sharks where I could practice CQSB … [Read more...]

Finishing Touches On The Homemade Injection Knife

Watching the homebrew gun prince at work: I’m glad he puts up these build videos.  I find them interesting to watch. It will be interesting to see that knife in action in a future video.  I hope he gets a hold of some ballistic gel. Royal … [Read more...]

Survival Tip: Making a Nonadherent Dressing


Hey there. Here's an interesting tip from Eric A. Weiss, MD. He wrote Wilderness and Travel Medicine, a comprehensive guide that fits in your pocket. It's also great for bug out bags and emergency kits. Here's the doctor's Weiss Advice on making a … [Read more...]

Build Your Own Survival Kit

Build Your Own Survival Kit We provide a wide assortment of 72-Hour Emergency Kits. This makes it easy for you to secure basic pre-packaged preparedness supplies. Yet, it’s interesting. We have found that many people have not purchased disaster kits … [Read more...]

Working Class Thieves

I’ve been keeping a watchful eye lately on the little signs that bear witness to the gradual decline of society. As everyone knows, when prices rise, people are less able to provide themselves with the necessities. Shoplifting increases and … [Read more...]

Off The Grid Survival System

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Duluth, Minnesota Artist Dean Kegler Wins 2016 Trout and Salmon Stamp Contest

2016 Trout and Salmon Stamp Competition. First Place: Dean Kegler Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Minnesota -( Duluth artist Dean Kegler has won the 2016 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources trout and salmon stamp contest … [Read more...]

Michigan DNR Announces Grant Program to Secure Snowmobile Trail Easements

Michigan DNR Announces Grant Program to Secure Snowmobile Trail Easements Michigan Department of Natural Resources Michigan -( The Michigan Department of Natural Resources today announced a new grant program for 501(c)(3) organizations … [Read more...]

Darkest Days: How To Survive An EMP Attack To The Grid


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Students Studying Crayfish in Arkansas Spring River

Students Studying Crayfish in Arkansas Spring River Arkansas Game & Fish Commission Arkansas -( About half of the roughly 440 crayfish species native to North America are considered in need of protection, primarily due to the … [Read more...]

First dove, Rabbit, Squirrel and Duck Certificates Offered by Arkansas GFC

First dove, first rabbit, first squirrel and first duck certificates offered by AGFC Arkansas Game & Fish Commission Arkansas -( to memorialize those unforgettable first Arkansas hunting and moments? The Arkansas Game and Fish … [Read more...]