Protect Yourself from Harmful Bacteria Using The Copper Shark


A bacteria outbreak or germ warfare is a distinct possibility in today’s society. While it’s likely something like that could happen, other surface borne bacteria are probably more of an immediate threat to your health. It’s important to protect yourself especially in public places where germs are rampant. The last thing you want to do is take something like that home to your family. While there are many ways to prevent coming in contact with bacteria, this is a cool product that I never saw until this week.

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Wise Food Review: 360 Calories of Goodness Per Serving


Thanks to Lynx Defense, I was able to try out for the first time some of the Wise Food products. For this particular review I tried out what I hoped would be the best out of all the different food choices he sent me, the Cheesy Lasagna with Meat. Can’t go wrong with lasagna right? Sure, we can eat beans or rice for a lot less money but after a few months of it a few packets of lasagna would be welcomed – and can also serve as a great bartering item!

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The 5 Best Military Surplus Items Under $20


Prepping and survivalist gear doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it makes more sense to buy used such as military surplus before wasting your hard earned money on something brand new and less durable. Military grade products are extremely durable, highly functional and much cheaper. If you’re on a budget, it’s worthwhile to take a look at these 5 surplus items for under 20 bucks. That’s a hard deal to beat these days.

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10 Survival Foods You Need to Grow Now


If you prefer not to live your post SHTF life on beans and rice, you can grow your own – assuming you live in an area with a longer growing season or have access to a greenhouse. There’s nothing like growing your own food and enjoying it knowing that it came straight from your garden and from your own hard work. Not only is it enjoyable, but growing the right vegetables and carbs can provide a nutritious benefit to you and your family. Check out these 10 survival foods you need to be growing now.

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10 Tips for Building a Stockpile on a Budget

Food Stockpile

When finances are tight, stockpiling food and other needs can be difficult to do. Though nothing replaces have a large sum of money to throw at such a task, there are a few different tricks you can implement that could help your money go a lot further than you may realize. Food and water sources are essential in a doomsday or survival situation, so you have to store those items up regardless of your budget. Check out these 10 tips for building a stockpile on a budget.

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50 Tips to Keep Cool When the Power is Out

keep cool summer

If you’re not on solar or some other form of alternative energy, the chances are much higher than you could go without power for days when you are tied to the grid. Unfortunately those are the risks when you depend on others for your needs. It always seems to happen at the worst times too – in the dead heat of summer. Check out this great infographic for 50 tips on how to keep cool when your power goes out.

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Secrets To Staying Hidden In A Digital World


It today’s digital world, it’s nearly impossible to stay anonymous, however you can do things to help protect your privacy online. There’s a huge difference in being completely anonymous and protecting your privacy, which is important to understand before implementing any steps to become more hidden. Check out these secrets to help you stay hidden in the world of big brother.

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10 Reasons to Begin Preparing for an Emergency


We all prep to a certain degree. Even FEMA recognizes the need for each family to have 72 hours worth of supplies in case of an emergency. To prepare, you don’t have to be considered a kook – more than anything it’s a responsibility everyone should take seriously to keep your family safe if a catastrophe does happen. If you haven’t looked into prepping, you should check out these 10 reasons to get started today.

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6 Ways to Turn Animal Bones Into Survival Gear


Being a prepper, you learn to put everything you’ve got to good use and never waste anything. Animal bones are no exception to the rule and can be transformed into great survival gear. They’ve been used for thousands of years by our ancient ancestors which were some of the best survival experts in history of the human race. They didn’t have an option of throwing something away or being wasteful. See these 6 ways you can keep yourself alive using animal bones. It’s a really good read.

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60+ Shelters You Can Make Using a Tarp


Shelter and water are the two most important essentials when it comes to survival. Regulating your body temperature can prevent hypothermia and hyperthermia. You can construct some pretty cool makeshift shelters using a tarp, which are great for stowing away in a backpack because they’re relatively light and quite versatile in how you use them.Having a tarp as part of your bug out bag is essential, it’s lighter than a tent, easily carried on your backpack and so versatile. Tarps are also good to use because of their effective waterproofing unlike some natural shelters. See this cool graphic you can save or print out of more than 60 shelters you can make using a tarp.

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