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Inflatable Shelters May Help during Long-Term Emergencies


“In tough circumstances, sometimes all you need is hope. “…but other times you need a blow-up survival shelter featuring a bed, a couch, freeze-dried food, a 50-gallon water bladder, a first-aid kit, a radio and a cookstove.” According to … [Read more...]

Car Preparedness and Safety Tips


The following is a recommendation of items to put into an emergency car kit: Water for drinking and cooking Food and snacks (compressed high energy snack bars are excellent because of their ability to withstand most car temperatures) Flashlight … [Read more...]

Dying for a Drop: Impact of the Use of Bottled Water on World Economies


The accessibility to drinking water has improved quite dramatically over the past century, particularly in North America. One major source of drinking water for people is tap water, although tap water has been associated with some major health … [Read more...]

Earthquakes and your Mental Health


After a 4.4 magnitude earthquake shook California residents on St. Patrick’s Day, many people have found it difficult to shake their high-strung nerves, according to CBS Los Angeles’ article, “‘Earthquake Nerves’ could Impact Mental … [Read more...]

Fire Season Safety and Preparedness Tips


Wildfire season has already started, and high-profile fires have already started in California and Colorado in the last several weeks. This news article gives great tips and suggestions for preventing wildfires and house fires—practical tips, and … [Read more...]

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Popular Mechanics 20 Survival Tips for How Not to Die . . .


According to Popular Mechanics’s recent article, “How Not to Die: 20 Survival Tips You Must Know,” “accidents are the leading cause of death among U.S. men 18 to 50 years old.” What’s most surprising about this article is that many of the … [Read more...]

Preparedness Tips: Portable Generators Need Maintenance?!


A portable generator is a pretty handy accessory to have in your emergency preparedness supplies. Imagine trying to save your refrigerated and frozen food from going bad when the power is knocked out during a hurricane or thunderstorm. If you have a … [Read more...]

When Lightning Strikes


Thunderstorms are common any time of the year. They can occur without much warning. One minute the skies could be blue, with fluffy white clouds scudding across them, when all of a sudden a big black thunderhead could come rolling in, bringing with … [Read more...]

Baby Steps: DIY Felted Wool Dryer Balls


Looking for a unique DIY present? Why not give the gift of soft, sweet-smelling laundry all year long . . . (and no, we unfortunately don’t sell a laundry-scented 100-hour candle . . .) Last summer, we wrote a post about how to make DIY Laundry … [Read more...]

Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern Review

By Justin Stakes An Ultra Portable & Brilliant Option for the Outdoor Enthusiast on the Go Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern Review AmmoLand Gun News California -( With autumn upon us, new hunting and camping gear is … [Read more...]

Kaito KA006 Hand Crank Emergency Radio w/ Flashlight Product Review


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Emotional Aftershocks: Handling Feelings after a Disaster


Experiencing Emotional Aftershocks Just like aftershocks can follow an earthquake, traumatic stress reactions are like emotional “aftershocks” that we may experience following a personal, community, or national disaster. Symptoms may begin … [Read more...]

Natural Treatments for Blisters and Itching


It’s that time of year again: you’re enjoying the great outdoors when you notice a “hot spot” on your foot (it’s a blister), and then you realize that your arm is itchy—likely from contact with an unidentified plant. This isn’t going to happen every … [Read more...]

Preparedness Skills: Home Canning Methods

When canning at home, the most important thing to remember is that products containing vegetables, poultry, meats, fish, or seafood must be canned in a pressure canner. Fruit, pickles, jams, jellies, pickles, sauerkraut, marlamades, and fruit butters … [Read more...]

Sanitation and Hygiene During an Emergency

During an emergency, it is important to keep yourself healthy (for the sake of your own survival). The best way to maintain health is to keep yourself and your living area clean and sanitary—poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions can cause … [Read more...]

Preparedness and a Job Loss or Financial Disaster

A disaster can come in many forms, some you might not even think of. Most people think that a disaster affects a large area and a large number of people. Generally speaking, it usually does, but some disasters can be very personal. A personal … [Read more...]

Benjamin R. Tucker: The Relation of the State to the Individual

In this Episode of Classics of Liberty, Caleb O. Brown reads excerpts from Benjamin Tucker’s speech on the parasitic and inherently agressive nature of the state. Originally given to the Unitarian Ministers’ Institute in 1890, Tucker explores … [Read more...]

The Relation of the State to the Individual: Excerpts

At the end of the nineteenth century, the publisher and polemicist Benjamin R. Tucker became one of the leading exponents of libertarianism—perhaps the leading exponent. Published for almost thirty years, his journal Liberty championed a uniquely … [Read more...]

Ammo Independence: The Firearms Survival Guide


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Aquaponics: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Aquaponics for Beginners in 45 Minutes or Less! (Aquaponics – Aquaponic Gardening – Aquaponics for Beginners … Aquaponics Books – Gardening for Beginners)


Create Your Own Aquaponics System Today! Learn everything you need to know about creating your own aquaponics system at home! This book is for anyone who is interesting in using aquaponics to grow their own plants and fish in their back yard. It … [Read more...]

Fire Extinguisher Basics

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home? Do you know how to use it? If you’ll learn about fire extinguishers, buy one (or more), try using a fire extinguisher, and then maintain your fire extinguisher, you will be able to put out small fires … [Read more...]

Survival Tip: Making a Nonadherent Dressing


Hey there. Here's an interesting tip from Eric A. Weiss, MD. He wrote Wilderness and Travel Medicine, a comprehensive guide that fits in your pocket. It's also great for bug out bags and emergency kits. Here's the doctor's Weiss Advice on making a … [Read more...]

Build Your Own Survival Kit

Build Your Own Survival Kit We provide a wide assortment of 72-Hour Emergency Kits. This makes it easy for you to secure basic pre-packaged preparedness supplies. Yet, it’s interesting. We have found that many people have not purchased disaster kits … [Read more...]

Working Class Thieves

I’ve been keeping a watchful eye lately on the little signs that bear witness to the gradual decline of society. As everyone knows, when prices rise, people are less able to provide themselves with the necessities. Shoplifting increases and … [Read more...]

Off The Grid Survival System

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Duluth, Minnesota Artist Dean Kegler Wins 2016 Trout and Salmon Stamp Contest

2016 Trout and Salmon Stamp Competition. First Place: Dean Kegler Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Minnesota -( Duluth artist Dean Kegler has won the 2016 Minnesota Department of Natural Resources trout and salmon stamp contest … [Read more...]

Michigan DNR Announces Grant Program to Secure Snowmobile Trail Easements

Michigan DNR Announces Grant Program to Secure Snowmobile Trail Easements Michigan Department of Natural Resources Michigan -( The Michigan Department of Natural Resources today announced a new grant program for 501(c)(3) organizations … [Read more...]

Darkest Days: How To Survive An EMP Attack To The Grid


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Students Studying Crayfish in Arkansas Spring River

Students Studying Crayfish in Arkansas Spring River Arkansas Game & Fish Commission Arkansas -( About half of the roughly 440 crayfish species native to North America are considered in need of protection, primarily due to the … [Read more...]

First dove, Rabbit, Squirrel and Duck Certificates Offered by Arkansas GFC

First dove, first rabbit, first squirrel and first duck certificates offered by AGFC Arkansas Game & Fish Commission Arkansas -( to memorialize those unforgettable first Arkansas hunting and moments? The Arkansas Game and Fish … [Read more...]

Baby Steps: Soil and Sun


This week’s baby steps are in the same vein as last week: getting your garden ready to plant. Here are three more things you’ll want to know before you start planting. Know when to start planting.This great page from Mother Earth News will give … [Read more...]

Man who Killed Two, Not Guilty except for Weapons Charge

By Dean Weingarten Dean Weingarten Arizona – -( Two years ago, a 20 year old California man withdrew $44,000 from the bank for the family business.  He placed the money in a backpack in his vehicle.  He also had a 9mm pistol in … [Read more...]

Cheese Making 101: A Basic Guide


Whether you’re a cheese connoisseur or just like to throw it in with your lasagna, homemade cheese will give you a delicious (not to mention inexpensive!) blend of flavors—exactly the way you want. And believe it or not, making your own homemade … [Read more...]

Dehydrated Meals Can Be Delicious

By Lee Flynn   Why keep dehydrated food on hand? There are a lot of good reasons to dehydrate and store foodstuffs, and it is something that everyone can do with a little bit of practice. Dehydrated food takes up less space and weighs less for … [Read more...]



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The Dead Lands (2015) novel

The Dead Lands (2015) novel by Benjamin Percy is an imaginative retelling of Lewis and Clark's journey across the west, except this time the setting is a post-apocalyptic North America where people have been killed off by a superflu and nuclear … [Read more...]

Food Storage: Insurance You Can Eat


We use insurance to hedge against risk of loss in many aspects of our lives. We buy health insurance in case of injury or illness. We buy auto insurance in case of an accident. We buy life insurance to ensure our loved ones are provided for should we … [Read more...]

Gorilla Ammunition Conducting Firearm Package Giveaway with Industry Partners

Gorilla Ammunition, with shooting sports and defense training industry leaders is building a firearm and training package. One lucky entrant will be awarded this package valued at over $5,000 Gorilla Ammunition – Firearm Package … [Read more...]

Easy Trigger Swaps with Timney – This Week on Guns & Gear

Guns & Gear TV Guns and Gear TV Mandeville, LA -( This week, Guns & Gear, one of the top-rated television programs to showcase products for shooting and hunting, features Timney Trigger’s Ruger American trigger; Safari ammo from … [Read more...]

Predator Management Workshop Set at Westervelt Lodge

Westervelt Lodge Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association Montgomery, AL -( Westervelt Lodge in Pickens County near Aliceville will play host to Clint Cary, considered to be the top predator trapper in the Southeast, for a workshop set … [Read more...]

September Issue of Montana Hunting & Fishing News Now Available

September Issue Cover of Montana Hunting & Fishing News ISSUU Montana -( Big Sky Outdoor News & Adventure Inc is pleased the announce that the September 2015 issue of the Montana Hunting & Fishing News is available online … [Read more...]

Savannah Calls 9-1-1


You may remember our guest post from earlier this year about teaching young children how and when to call 9-1-1 (“Who They Gonna Call”). In the original article, found on, the authors emphasize making sure your little people know … [Read more...]

Crimson Trace Continues Proudly American Tradition

Crimson Trace Founder Lewis Danielson with business plan Crimson Trace Wilsonville, OR -( Made in the USA continues to be a source of pride in many regions of America, and Crimson Trace continues its long two decades-plus tradition of … [Read more...]

Washington Post on VA Shooter: It Was The Gun In His Hand, Not The Gay In His Heart

By AWR Hawkins Admitted Gay Racist Democrat & Killer, Vester Lee Flanagan AmmoLand Gun News Washington DC – -( an August 26 215 column nearly as “rambling” and incoherent as the manifesto Vester Lee Flanagan left behind, The … [Read more...]

Trulock Chokes Give Shooters an Edge for Sporting Clays

Trulock Chokes Give Shooters an Edge for Sporting Clays Trulock Chokes Whigham, GA -( Shotgunners love a sporting clays course because of the variety of challenging shots they see. Each station is completely different, whether it is the … [Read more...]

CMP Monthly Match League Returns for 2015 Session

By Ashley Brugnone, CMP Writer Events featured in the Monthly Match League include Pistol 60 Shots (No PPP), Rifle 60 Shots, Sporter 3×20 and Precision 3×20. Overall winners at the end of the six sessions will receive a monetary award from … [Read more...]

Firearms on the Cutting Edge for Fed up Voters

Firearms on the Cutting Edge for Fed up Voters Gun Rights Policies with John Snyder Titusville, FL –“The Second Amendment individual right to keep and bear arms is on the cutting edge of concern for millions of fed up voters,” gun … [Read more...]

Outdoor Sportsman Group’s Outdoor Channel and DISH Renew Major Carriage Agreement

Secure continued access to Outdoor Channel for millions of U.S. outdoor enthusiasts Outdoor Sportsman Group – Networks NEW YORK ( – Outdoor Channel, a division of the Outdoor Sportsman Group – Networks, the world’s leading … [Read more...]

Preparing for Winter Storms


Winter storms have a thousand ways of interrupting dinner. Power outages are common as ice builds up on power lines, car slide-offs regularly take out transformers, deep snow and ice can either keep you or supply trucks from getting to the store and … [Read more...]

Gun Violence – ‘Do Something?’

By John Farnam Gun Violence – ‘Do Something?’ Defense Training International, Inc Ft Collins, CO –-( “… Do Something,” Like what? In the aftermath of the recent double-murder in VA, hand-wringing professing … [Read more...]

South Dakota Pheasant Numbers Increase 42 Percent, Habitat Remains Critical Factor

With the potential for 1.5 million rooster harvest, Pheasants Forever stays the course for wildlife habitat Pheasant Pheasants Forever Brookings, SD -( The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (SDGFP) has released their annual pheasant … [Read more...]

Sunday Hunting Opportunities Continue to Grow in West Virginia

Sunday Hunting NRA – Institute for Legislative Action Fairfax, VA -( The Berkeley County Council voted last week to put an initiative onto the November 2016 ballot for the voters to decide whether to allow Sunday hunting. The … [Read more...]

Bonhams Searches For More Sporting Guns After Shotgun Sells For $59,000 In London

West Country A ‘Happy Hunting Ground’ For Sporting Guns West Country UK Purdey Shotguns make $59,000.00 at Bonhams Bonhams Antique Arms United Kingdom – -( Patrick Hawes, Director of Bonhams Sporting Guns Department is doing a … [Read more...]

Otis to Sponsor 9/11 Tribute Concert with Darryl Worley

Live Performance will be Broadcast through Armed Forces Network Darryl Worley Otis Technology Gun Care Lyons Falls, NY -( Otis Technology is proud to support its local Public Television station, WPBS-DT, in bringing country music … [Read more...]

BHA President/CEO Appointed to Federal Sportsmen’s Advisory Committee

BHA’s Land Tawney joins Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council, charged with advising administration on conservation, hunting issues Land Tawney Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Missoula, MT -( Backcountry Hunters & … [Read more...]

TRUGLO Introduces “STORM” Capture-Style Arrow Rest

TRUGLO Introduces “STORM” Capture-Style Arrow Rest TRUGLO Inc. Richardson, TX -( STORM is an ultra-lightweight capture-style arrow rest designed for a fast and quiet launch in all types of shooting. With adjustable brushes … [Read more...]

WDBJ Roanoke Double-Homicide and the Perfect Victim

Portrait of the Perfect Victim Biloxi, Mississippi (Ammoland) First and foremost, this horrific criminal act was committed by a deranged piece of human filth. The creature was a verminous reprobate who does not deserve nor will he receive name … [Read more...]

Your Car as an Emergency Shelter


Most of the time when we think of evacuating in an emergency we imagine ourselves at home with at least a few minutes to grab the essentials. However, that’s not always the case. You may be at work or traveling when disaster strikes, preventing you … [Read more...]

Arch Coal Hones Emergency Preparedness Skills with Mine Emergency Response Drill

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